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Qualtrics employee experience products

Qualtrics Introduces Employee Experience ID and Employee Journey Analytics

Qualtrics, the provider of a cloud-based subscription software platform for experience management, announced two recent additions to a core experience module aimed at helping companies better understand the full employee journey, with the twin...

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Employee experience product announcements

Microsoft Viva Goals Module Highlights a Roundup of New EX Products

New product launches in the employee experience (EX) segment focus on some of the friction points in an employee’s journey – performance management and goal setting, communication, training, and career growth. Microsoft deepens the Viva...

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Employee experience investments

Starbucks and PwC Announce Huge Investments in EX

Study after study is being churned out outlining the pain points employees are experiencing in their work lives. The need for recognition, flexibility, wellbeing, feedback opportunities, and training have all been outlined in recent data. Having...

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Employee engagement

Qualtrics Launches New Products and Announces a Strong 1Q22

Qualtrics announced a strong 1Q 2022, with total revenue for the first quarter of $335.6 million, up from $238.6 million one year ago, an increase of 41% year over year. Subscription revenue for the first quarter was $280.8...

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Employee experience research reports

New EX Research from Harri, Achievers, Gallup, Medallia, and Others

According to Dash Research’s market forecasting, there is an increasing number of companies offering software systems and applications focused on EX. Dash projects that global EX software and services revenue will reach $14.6 billion annually by...

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employee experience market forecast

Market Forecast Spotlight: Greater Spending on Employee Experience Software

Dash Research has released an updated and revised global market forecast covering CX software and services, which reflects the continued strategy of using CX as a key market differentiator among companies of all types. According to Dash Research,...

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Oracle employee experience platform

Oracle Introduces End-to-End Employee Experience Platform

The employee experience (EX) market ecosystem contains a wide variety of technology vendors, some of which focus on large, comprehensive, enterprise-wide solutions, while others have niche offerings in areas such as communications, surveying or...

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Medallia employee experience

Medallia’s Employee Experience Suite has a Record-Breaking Quarter

The employee experience (EX) segment is seeing a continuous influx of product and customer announcements as technology vendors respond to companies’ needs to not only battle “The Great Resignation” but also recruit top talent. Conversations...

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employee experience acquisition

Kazoo’s WorkTango Acquisition Deepens its Employee Experience Platform

The CX and employee experience (EX) sectors have been dynamic ones in terms of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity over the past few years, with companies looking to ensure they have a play in multiple technology segments and can provide a...

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employee experience product launches

New EX Products from Qualtrics, Motivosity, Achievers, and 15Five

Four companies have launched new products, each targeted at a different aspect of the employee experience (EX): building connection, offering opportunities for recognition, identifying, and acting on factors that will improve employees’ sense of...

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customer feedback management

North Highland Acquires Decooda to Accelerate Data-Driven Insights

North Highland, the Atlanta-based employee-owned global management consultancy focused on issues relating to change and transformation, has acquired Decooda, another Atlanta-headquartered firm and the provider of a cloud customer feedback...

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CX research reports

New Research from Frost & Sullivan, Qualtrics, Mendix, Nudge, and Yotpo

In this roundup, four of the five new research reports address organizational or worker-related issues that present seemingly divergent findings. While Frost & Sullivan projects exponential growth for CX innovation, Mendix underscores the CX...

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Latest Research

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Case Studies, Market Drivers, Market Barriers, and Best Practices for the Adoption of Omnichannel Engagement Strategies and Software

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CX for Contact Centers

Case Studies, Market Drivers and Barriers, and Market Sizing and Forecasts Focused on the Adoption of CX Platforms and Applications in Contact Centers

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CX Market Ecosystem

150 Key Players and Industry Participants Providing Offerings in Customer Data & Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Contact Center, Personalization & Optimization, Customer Insights & Feedback, and Employee Experience

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CX in the Travel & Hospitality Industry

Customer Data & Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Contact Center, Personalization & Optimization, Customer Data Platforms, Employee Experience, and Customer Insights & Feedback: Market Analysis and Forecasts

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