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Airline automated customer support

Frontier Airlines Eliminates Live Agent Customer Support

Many companies have tried to shift the bulk of their customer support operations to digital channels to allow live agents to handle only the most complex or critical calls. But as the busy travel season shifted into high gear, Frontier Airlines...

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SugarCRM: Provide a Great CX to Drive Sales and Retention

For many CX software vendors, their unique selling propositions often revolve around the feature sets and technical functions of their applications or platforms. In CX, many of these features are focused on providing greater automation, smoother...

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Movie theater CX survival lessons

Applying Survival Lessons Learned from the Movie Theater Industry

The movie theater industry has been impacted greatly over the past several years by the confluence of multiple factors that were largely out of the control of operators. First, home theater technology has been improving over time, with the...

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Restaurant menu hacks and customization

Managing Menu Hacks to Ensure Efficiency and Good CX

One of the key differentiators being used by fast food restaurants is the ability to customize orders, beyond simply asking for additional condiments. ”Menu hacks” like ordering items not on the menu, finding better deals by ordering a base...

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Background noise reduction for customer service

Background Noise Elimination a Key to Ensuring Good Interactions Through Voice

It is no secret that customers and the companies with which they do business have shifted to digital channels to handle many interactions. In addition to being more convenient for both customers (chat, messaging apps, and social media interactions...

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Customer authentication telecommunications

Customer Authentication – Efficiency Is Important to Ensuring a Good Experience

One of the key issues that still plagues customer-facing organizations is the account authentication process; essentially, making sure that the person contacting customer support with an issue is either the account owner, or an authorized user....

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Creating Compelling Customer Experiences to Entice People to Attend In-Person Events

Last week, the New York Mets, winners of 101 games during the regular MLB season, hosted all three games of the National League Wild Card Series against the San Diego Padres. While the Mets were able to sell out Games 1 and 2, Game 3’s announced...

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CX recession strategies

Using CX as a Strategy for Managing Economic Downturns

It is no secret that the economy has made life difficult for companies and their customers. Rising prices due to inflation, a challenging interest rate environment, and near-daily predictions of a full-on recession have done little to instill...

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Telecommunications customer feedback

Providing Real-Time Feedback to Improve CX

One of the biggest challenges faced by telecommunications companies is providing a good experience throughout the entire customer journey. However, friction that occurs during that journey, from the initial product research phase to the purchase...

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Pricing and customer experience

Using Pricing Strategies to Influence CX

One of the most basic elements of a customer’s experience with a product or service is its price. Although other factors come into play (how customers are treated, ease of use, and their overall service experience), the bottom line remains a key...

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Customer data platforms

Leveraging CDPs to Turn Customer Data into Action

Customer data platforms (CDPs) are software applications that are designed to consolidate and manage customer data across all touchpoints to provide a unified view of the customer and their entire journey. They are designed to help organizations...

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Social listening for better customer experience

How Social Listening Can Improve CX

Capturing customer feedback through surveys can be extremely useful, particularly when detailed information is provided immediately after an interaction has taken place. But many insights and details about a product, service or brand may not...

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Customer support for product design problems

Mitigating Product Design Issues with CX

In an ideal world, a company’s products and services would be designed with feature sets, usability, and functionality tuned to each individual customer’s bespoke preferences and needs. Such a business model is neither economical nor practical,...

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Limiting negative customer experiences

Reducing Negative Peaks to Improve CX

The “Peak-End Rule,” which is based on research conducted by Daniel Kahneman and Barbara Frederickson, posits that humans assign a greater level of weight or importance to the most intense positive or negative moments, or peaks, during an...

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Managing customer complaints

Managing Customer Complaints Effectively and Efficiently

Even when an organization has taken a proactive and thoughtful approach to delivering an excellent experience, there are bound to be customer complaints. These complaints can be centered on the failure of a product or service to live up to the...

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Captive portals for customer experience

Improving CX Via Captive Portals

Wi-Fi hotspots have become de rigueur for many retail establishments, restaurants, and other locations. By offering complimentary access to the internet to in-person patrons using their mobile devices, companies are offering an added technological...

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