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Dash Network is an independent, integrated B2B research, events, and digital media platform focused on best business practices and technology solutions for the global Customer Experience market. Our journalists and industry analysts are dedicated to presenting unbiased, clear, and actionable insights to support business planning initiatives and go-to-market strategies, utilizing rigorous journalistic and research practices and without regard for technology hype or special interests, including Dash Network’s own client relationships.

The key tenets of our editorial independence policy are as follows:

  1. Dash Network’s published news and analysis are completely independent
  2. Dash Network’s journalists and industry analysts are completely independent
  3. Dash Network’s editorial voice and conclusions are completely independent

Independent News
and Analysis

  • Dash Network reserves editorial authority over our published content, including the right to express opinions as our journalists, analysts, and editors see fit.
  • Dash Network’s news, analysis, and research coverage is not influenced by the company’s client relationships or partnerships.
  • As part of its news, analysis, and research coverage, Dash Network does not explicitly endorse any particular company, technology, or product.
  • Dash Network never charges companies or organizations to be included in its news, analysis, or research coverage.
  • All sponsored or commissioned content will include a disclosure of the fact that the content has been commissioned as well as the sponsoring organization.
  • Dash Network does not accept sponsorship for any news, analysis, or research content that compares, evaluates, rates, or ranks specific companies, technologies, or products.
  • Dash Network’s news, analysis, and research content is not influenced by the company’s use of specific products or services for its own internal operations.

Independent Journalists
and Industry Analysts

  • Dash Network journalists and analysts do not share recommendations or advice related to investments or purchase of stock/equity in any companies we cover.
  • Dash Network journalists and analysts may not buy or sell shares in a company they are covering for a period of at least 7 days following publication of related content.
  • Dash Network monitors, manages, and mitigates any conflicts of interest among its team of journalists and analysts.


  • Dash Network is a privately held business that is not part of a larger organization, nor is beholden to outside investors.
  • Dash Network’s client base is diversified, with no single client accounting for more than 5% of company revenue.
  • Dash Network does not invest in companies it covers in its news, analysis, and research content.