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Vocal tones in customer experience

The Impact of Vocal Tones on Persuasiveness

The results of a study published in February 2022 in the Journal of Consumer Research found that persuasiveness is often driven by vocal tones that denote focus, low stress, and stable emotions. While the research centered on the vocal tones in...

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Customer loyalty

Reducing Customer Effort to Improve CX and Loyalty

One of the most frustrating things about being a parent is having to ask a child to complete a task, only to find it hasn’t been done, and then having to request its completion repeatedly. In addition to the task not being completed in a timely...

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Senior citizen customer experience

Providing Better CX for Seniors

Much of the discussion on CX has been focused on so-called “digital natives,” or younger consumers that have grown up with the internet, mobile devices, and social media as primary components of the way they interact with others, for both...

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CX and support via SMS

Improving CX and Support via SMS

The use of text messages, or short message service (SMS), has become ubiquitous in the US. Statistics from the Pew Research Center indicate that 97% of Americans own a mobile phone, with 85% of people reporting smartphone ownership. Further, 100%...

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visual engagement

Using Visual Engagement Techniques to Improve Customer Support

Visual engagement, which can include using pictures, graphics, diagrams, and videos to convey information or enable collaboration with customers, is a key technique that has become particularly important over the past few years. As penetration of...

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Contact center technology

Incorporating Technology to Improve Contact Center Agent Performance

Organizations have been inundated with inbound inquiries for a variety of reasons, including billing and administrative issues, customer and technical support reasons, and sales and general feedback questions. Naturally, as the number of inbound...

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Session Replay for CX

Using Session Replay to Improve CX Interactions

One of the key challenges involved with analyzing customer journeys revolves around identifying the triggers and inflection points that have a real impact on CX. Oftentimes, the devil is in the small details, which may not be apparent to live...

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cloud contact center as a service

Google Launches Cloud Contact Center AI Platform

Underscoring its goal to provide a complete out-of-the-box, end-to-end offering for contact centers, Google announced a full-fledged platform solution that brings together artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, cloud-scalable structure, and...

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contact center agent training

Methods for Improving Agent Training

A primary factor influencing whether customers have positive or negative experiences is still based on interactions between human agents and customers. Even with the use of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven predictions, deflection tools, and...

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collaborative web browsing

Using Co-Browsing to Improve Customer Experiences

The old adage “show, don’t tell” is  apropos in today’s visually dominant and increasingly complex world, particularly for organizations that interact with customers through the web or mobile devices during sales or support activities....

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chatbot customer support

Evaluating Chatbots for Customer Support Applications

A key technology used to aid in call deflection within a contact center is the chatbot, a text or voice-based interface that is deployed on the website or within an application to simulate conversation with users and seamlessly support users. Many...

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Zoom Contact Center

Zoom Launches New Contact Center CX Offering

Four months after failing on a multibillion-dollar bid to acquire a call center platform, video conferencing company Zoom now has its own contact center solution that is optimized for video interaction with customers, combined with unified...

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