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Custom Insights on CX Market Development and Demand Dynamics

Dash Network’s industry analyst team consists of experienced researchers and consultants who possess deep multidisciplinary technology expertise, strong business acumen, a wide network of industry contacts, and intimate knowledge of qualitative and quantitative market research methodologies. Collectively, the team has advised hundreds of industry leading companies on successful business initiatives including market characterization, strategic planning, business case development, financial analysis, commercial due diligence, product portfolio analysis, new product development, operational benchmarking, marketing strategy, competitive analysis, partner development strategy, brand positioning, public relations, customer profiling and segmentation, and sales channel optimization, among others.

Custom Surveys

Dash Research’s custom surveys enable clients to gain proprietary insights from highly targeted and qualified groups of respondents including CX practitioners, vendors and service providers, and consumers. In conducting custom surveys, Dash Research leverages its own audience of practitioners and ecosystem participants, supplemented by its partnerships with leading industry associations and panel providers. Survey results are analyzed and presented in the context of key CX industry trends and the client’s own business objectives.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis engagements leverage Dash Research’s ongoing coverage of the CX market ecosystem including detailed tracking of industry players’ key metrics and benchmarks along with more qualitative assessment of product and market positioning. Project types include market ecosystem mapping, value chain analysis, competitor profiling and benchmarking, pricing, and tactical competitive battle cards that provide enhanced day-to-day sales channel effectiveness.

Market Sizing & Forecasting

Dash Research maintains a master CX market forecast model, updated twice yearly, that projects industry growth segmented across seven key functional areas, five world regions, and 20 industry sectors. Market sizing and forecasts are based on key indicators at the company level, economic growth benchmarks, and analyst insight on growth factors within each segment. Custom forecasting projects are tailored to a client’s segment definitions, target markets, and business case priorities.

Market & Product Strategy

Dash Research analysts provide strategic consulting to support market positioning, product development and management, and the alignment of client capabilities with key market needs. Engagements include comparative product matrices, competitive positioning analysis, white space analysis, go-to-market strategy assessment, pricing intelligence and benchmarking, and lifecycle management assessment. Such projects are support product definition, enhancement, and targeting initiatives.

Marketing Campaign Support

Campaign strategy consulting projects provide practical, actionable assessment on the intersection of client positioning, product capabilities, the competitive landscape, customer needs, and key market trends. Client deliverables for such engagements may include overall campaign plans, along with strategic and tactical tools to execute successfully: messaging strategy, communications cadence, and digital assets such as white papers, videos, webinars, infographics, advertising, custom content, content syndication, and others.

Customer Profiling & Segmentation

Dash Research utilizes robust quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to identify and profile key customer segments, including a detailed characterization of their personas and motivations. Profiles include demographic and psychographic attributes, behavioral characteristics, and qualitative insights gleaned from market analysis and case studies along with primary research conducted on the target customer bases. Clients may utilize segmentation for market targeting, channel strategy, and customer journey strategy.

Customer Journey Mapping

Dash Network’s CX-certified analysts and consultants leverage best-in-class journey mapping practices and tools to provide a holistic view of different customer personas’ touchpoints and experiences from awareness to purchase to ongoing support. The various dimensions of journey mapping engagements include assessments of customer needs and desires, emotional and behavioral indicators, interactions with various functions within the client organization, and key factors behind spending and loyalty.

Industry Expertise + Rigorous Methodology

The Dash Network team leverages strong knowledge within the firm’s areas of coverage as well as deep experience with a wide range of market research methodologies. In addition to publishing syndicated reports that provide in-depth strategic and qualitative analysis of the CX sector, Dash regularly conducts consulting projects that are specifically tailored to the individual needs of client organizations. Dash Network’s client base includes technology vendors and service providers including leading multinational industry players as well as startups and emerging growth companies, CX end-user organizations across a variety of industries, government agencies, industry associations, and financial services firms.

Each consulting engagement is led by an experienced project manager and includes a detailed project plan featuring key objectives, milestones, schedule of update meetings and interim deliverables, and analytical methodologies to be employed during the course of the project. Engagements are typically bid on a flat-rate basis with firm schedules for completion, ensuring predictable costs and timelines to align with clients’ business objectives and budgets.