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Reinvention Through M&A: Three Ireland’s Digital-led Approach to Achieve the Ultimate Seamless Omnichannel CX

Service providers everywhere are under pressure to transform their customer experiences but tackling this in a post-M&A scenario is even more challenging. When Three Ireland acquired O2 Ireland, they recognized that rebranding on its own was...

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Sprint: Transformation of Care and Commerce Functions Has Reduced Costs and Improved Customer Experience

Sprint (the fourth largest CSP in the USA) was under pressure to improve its customer experience and reduce the cost of operations. Sprint’s transformation of commerce and care functions has improved customerexperience and architectural agility,...

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Artificial Intelligence for CX Applications

Case Studies, Market Drivers, Market Barriers, and Best Practices for the Adoption of AI Within CX Platforms and Applications

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CX Market Forecasts

Consumer Data & Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Contact Center, Personalization & Optimization, Customer Data Platforms, Customer Insights & Feedback, and Employee Experience

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CX in the Telecommunications Industry

Software Platforms, Applications, and Services: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

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