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CX Practitioner and Consumer Surveys

Dash Research’s surveys of consumers and CX practitioners provide unique, differentiated insights on the dynamics of end-user demand, perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors in the evolving CX market. The company utilizes robust research methodologies and analytical practices to provide highly credible, actionable quantitative analysis of survey results, combined with the industry context enabled by Dash Research’s CX domain expertise. Dash Network maintains its own panel of CX practitioners, supplemented by access to specialized survey samples and large-scale consumer samples from its affiliate and partner network. The firm’s CX surveys are used to inform its body of syndicated research, in addition to being utilized for custom research projects that are tailored to individual clients’ business objectives.

CX Practitioner Survey Panel

Dash Research’s CX Practitioner Survey Panel is a global community of prequalified professionals, complete with rich demographic and behavioral attributes to facilitate targeting and filtering of respondents. Panel participants are recruited through various sources including direct opt-ins from Dash Network and its industry partners including industry associations, partner publications and events, and data providers. Surveys are fielded to the panel on both a longitudinal and an ad hoc basis, with panelists incentivized to participate through robust community engagement practices and sharing of topline results. Panel surveys are utilized by Dash Network for both syndicated and custom research projects.

CX Practitioner Surveys

Dash Research conducts surveys of CX practitioners across a wide range of industries and types of organizations, yielding valuable insights on business best practices, spending patterns, technology and vendor selection trends, and attitudes among CX professionals within B2C and B2B markets. Practitioner surveys may leverage Dash Research’s panel participants or specialized survey sample may be obtained from the firm’s network of industry partners. Dash conducts two large practitioner surveys per year, the results of which are published in syndicated research reports including assessment of longitudinal trends. In addition, Dash regularly fields custom CX practitioner surveys to support clients’ specialized planning and go-to-market needs.

CX Consumer Surveys

In addition to CX practitioners, Dash Research fields large-scale consumer surveys twice per year, with results and analysis published in syndicated research reports. CX consumer survey results include rich insights on customer satisfaction trends, brand perceptions, purchasing intent and behavior, spending patterns, and feedback on customer service practices. Quantitative results are segmented by demographic attributes, psychographic and behavioral profiles, industry experiences, and geography. Utilizing Dash Research’s own database as well as qualified consumer panels from partners, the firm also regularly conducts custom consumer surveys to support its clients’ benchmarking, planning, and marketing initiatives.

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