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Mobile apps for customer service

Providing Customer Experience on the Go Via Mobile Applications

The News: UJET announced the release of its Agent Mobile App, making it the latest CCaaS vendor to create a tool to let customer service or sales agents interact with and respond to customers while not sitting in an office or in front of a...

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Human in the loop for contact center automation

Managing the Challenges of Using the Contact Center Agent as the Human in the Loop

The News: A lack of trust among both company executives and consumers in the ability to trust the output of generative AI represents a speed bump in its deployment, according to a recent Salesforce briefing to industry analysts. A key strategy...

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Contact center employee experience

Genesys Launches the Experience Index for Contact Center Employees

The News:Genesys has introduced a new solution using a fresh and research-driven methodology to measure experience in a way that ties it more closely to action and purpose. Historic ways of experience measurement often miss the mark in finding what...

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Contact center as a service

UJET: Leveraging Stability and Data-Handling Policy to Drive Customer Growth

The News: The Contact Center as-a-service (CCaaS) market is dominated by stalwarts such as Genesys, 8X8, Avaya, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Five9, among others. UJET has amassed an impressive list of logos across retail, fintech, healthcare, and...

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Verint product announcements

Announcements from Verint Engage 2023

Engage 2023, Verint’s event focused on The Art of Innovation, was the platform for several new product introductions. Openness, AI, and Automation were top themes. “It’s not about technology, but transforming technology into business...

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AI customer service

Despite a Rise in AI in CX, People Still Prefer to Interact with Humans

The News: Despite research illustrating that consumers have confidence in AI as a tool for transforming their customer experiences, research conducted by Savanta and unveiled at PegaWorld iNspire found that most people still prefer to interact...

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Webex Contact Center

Webex Contact Center Incorporates Generative AI Conversation Summaries

The News: Cisco announced at its Cisco Live customer event on June 7 the incorporation of generative AI summarization technology into Webex Contact Center, which is designed to provide workers with better efficiency and collaboration...

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Contact center as a service

Five9 Accelerating Its Push Into the Enterprise Market

The News: Five9 underscored its strong financial results posted during its Q1 2023 earnings period during an analyst briefing on May 25. The CCaaS vendor reported $218.4 million in revenue for the first quarter, a 20% increase above the $182.8...

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Cloud-based employee experience platform

Genesys Broadens Experience Reach with the Cloud EX Launch

The News: Global experience orchestration provider Genesys has introduced Genesys Cloud EX, a solution focused on supporting employees within and beyond the contact center with AI-driven workforce forecasting and scheduling, gamification and...

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Call center satisfaction for wireless carriers

Call Center Satisfaction Weighs Down Overall Wireless Service Ratings

The News:   Call center satisfaction garnered the lowest customer ratings across each category of wireless carriers, hovering around the 70-71 mark across mobile network operators (MNOs), full-service mobile virtual network operators...

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Zendesk AI agent assistance

Zendesk Announces New AI Intelligence Layer to Power Seamless Interactions

The News: Zendesk AI, an intelligence layer that combines the company’s data and insights with new AI technologies, including the company’s proprietary models, generative, and large language models (LLMs), was announced May 10 at Zendesk’s...

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AI for customer experience

TTEC Holdings Announces Expanded Suite of Generative AI-Enabled CX Solutions

The News: TTEC Holdings, a provider of CX technology and services, announced an expanded suite of AI solutions incorporating the use of generative AI and large language models (LLMs) in its CX solutions. These solutions have been developed...

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CX in the Healthcare Industry

Patient Experience Management and Patient Engagement: Best Practices, Key Market Trends, Case Studies, and Market Forecasts

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