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Employee experience research studies

EX-Related Research from Aceup, Qualtrics, and isolved

Aceup: Disconnect Between Leaders and Employees Aceup recently released research indicating a disconnect between executives’ views on leadership, career path, and collaboration versus employees’ opinion on those topics. More than 600 leaders...

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Cloud artificial intelligence

Genesys Launches Cloud AI Experience for Customer and Employee Journeys

Genesys is introducing an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven experience solution to simplify how organizations can orchestrate and optimize customer and employee journeys. Called Genesys Cloud AI Experience, the solution is built with enhanced...

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Employee experience product launches

LumApps, Nexthink, PlanSource, and Vantage Circle Announce New Features and Products

LumApps Campaigns Introduced for Personalized Employee Communications LumApps has launched LumApps Campaigns, which enables organizations to create highly segmented groups based on a variety of factors (e.g., employee roles, interests,...

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Employee experience and sustainability

Supporting Environmental Causes and Sustainability Is a Key Part of EX

Employees and job seekers have a long, diverse, and growing list of attributes they want their current or future employer to have. The pandemic has resulted in many workers reviewing how closely an organization’s purposes and goals align...

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Employee experience for deskless workers

5 Questions with Sandra Moran, CMO, WorkForce Software

This month Dash Research was able to catch up with Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing Officer at WorkForce Software, a global provider of cloud-based workforce management solutions that can adapt to each organization’s needs to deliver positive...

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Candidate experience

Candidate Experience Is an Important Pre-Employee Experience

An employee’s journey with a company can be highly variable in terms of both duration and quality. In the past, it had been thought that an employee’s journey with a company started when they accepted a job offer and was onboarded. However, an...

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Microsoft Viva product enhancements

Microsoft Announces Major Viva Enhancements and Work Trend Research

In a twofold announcement, Microsoft released a newWork Trend Index Pulse report, “Hybrid Work Is Just Work. Are We Doing It Wrong?” and introduced several new functionalities, enhancements, and integrations for its Viva Employee...

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HR Technology Conference announcements

HR Tech Conference Yields a Variety of Announcements

In a press release prior to the event, the HR Technology Conference & Exposition stated there would be 80+ product launches announced. While there were announcements across many technology areas, a few segments in particular yielded a deluge of...

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People Paradox study

The CX World Grapples with a ‘People Paradox’ Issue

A new report by MIT Technology Review Insights points to a grim irony currently at work in the way CX employees are treated by business concerns in the post-pandemic era. A so-called “people paradox” is discernible when it comes to CX staff,...

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Employee wellbeing and employee experience

Focus on Wellbeing Is Core to Employee Experience

The massive shifts caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have been deeply felt across all industries and at every department level within B2C and B2B companies. The effect on the global workforce has been profound, with companies around the world...

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Employee experience research studies

New EX-Related Research from Achievers, Qualtrics, and Salesforce’s MuleSoft

New research shines a light on several employee experience (EX) areas, including solutions that can be leveraged to foster company culture as well as make an enterprise more attractive to talent. Data from the research points to many of the...

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Uncertainty in the workplace

Uncertainty Confronts the Workplace; Employees and HR Feel Pressure

As economic headwinds swirl through markets and industries, uncertainty hangs over the workplace today with employees continuing to quit while companies freeze hiring and rescind job offers, according to a new report from performance management...

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Latest Research

Employee Experience

Market Drivers and Barriers, Market Sizing and Forecasts, and Case Studies

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CX in the Healthcare Industry

Patient Experience Management and Patient Engagement: Best Practices, Key Market Trends, Case Studies, and Market Forecasts

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CX Market Forecasts

Customer Data & Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Contact Center, Personalization & Optimization, Customer Data Platforms, Customer Insights & Feedback, and Employee Experience

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Customer Insights & Feedback

Market Drivers and Barriers, Key Industry Players, Market Sizing and Forecasts, and Case Studies

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