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Virtual agent design

Designing Virtual Agents and Chatbots for Better Customer Engagements

Virtual agents and chatbots have become both commonplace and vital to ensuring customers are served quickly and efficiently through the channels of their choosing. And while today’s AI-infused chatbots are far more advanced than the decision...

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Contact center as a service

Five9 Renaming CCaaS Solution; Highlights New Customer Case Studies

Contact Center-as-a-service (CCaaS) vendor Five9 announced the renaming of its core platform to the Five9 Intelligent CX Platform (ICXP), from Virtual Cloud Contact Center (VCC) or Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center (ICC). According to the...

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Cisco Webex for banking

Cisco Focuses on Speedy Implementation and Complexity Reduction to Win Customers

In today's world, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of new CX technologies and features. Many CCaaS vendors are quick to highlight the number of new features or capabilities implemented in their latest product releases, or spotlight the...

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LivePerson generative AI

LivePerson Launches Generative AI Products and Tools

The hype surrounding the use of generative AI and large language models (LLMs) has been hard to avoid, with many CX platform vendors and conversational technology providers quickly launching press releases highlighting their products’ utilization...

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Contact center automation

Meera and Five9 Team Up, Deploying AI to Resolve Common Call Center Issues

Meera, the maker of an automated conversational text messaging platform, is partnering with cloud contact center firm Five9 in a collaboration that leverages AI to streamline call centers and deliver better CX. Specifically designed to help...

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Agent engagement in contact centers

Playvox Brings a Strong Focus on Agent Engagement

I recently had a conversation and demo with Playvox, a quality and workforce management solution provider that has a strong focus on agent engagement. Playvox has targeted agent engagement since the firm’s inception, and has also been a...

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Customer communities

Driving Customer Utilization and Engagement with Communities

Along with the use of self-service and automated tools, customer communities increasingly have been deployed by organizations wishing to connect and improve engagement with their customers. These online destinations allow organizations to bring...

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Customer experience orchestration

New Genesys Data Shows High Consumer Expectations but Lagging Digital Transformation

Experience orchestration provider Genesys released The State of Customer Experience report with some comprehensive data demonstrating high consumer expectations, low consumer patience with suboptimal experiences, and the struggle to nail down...

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Customer support ticket data

Leveraging Support Ticket Data to Improve CX

Customer support tickets are more than a system to track technical, administrative, or service issues. The information contained within these tickets can also be used for several other purposes, including the surfacing of additional process,...

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Visual customer support

Visual Customer Support Provides Personalization, Cost Savings, and Insights

Being able to provide personalized and efficient customer support is a crucial contributor to a great customer experience with a brand. There have been many innovations in the contact center and technical support space, with new technologies...

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Verint and Google Cloud partnership

Verint Broadens Google Cloud Partnership

Customer engagement company Verint announced an expanded partnership with Google Cloud focused on helping companies improve contact center performance through the integration of Google Cloud's Contact Center AI and Verint Customer Engagement...

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Gamification in contact centers

Gamification in Contact Centers: Best Practices Focus on Agent Support, Fun, and Engagement

Gamification is a tool that is being used across many industries to increase engagement, collaboration, and productivity. In the contact center it has been used successfully either as part of a larger platform or as a standalone feature. Dash...

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Latest Research

Employee Experience

Market Drivers and Barriers, Market Sizing and Forecasts, and Case Studies

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CX in the Healthcare Industry

Patient Experience Management and Patient Engagement: Best Practices, Key Market Trends, Case Studies, and Market Forecasts

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CX Market Forecasts

Customer Data & Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Contact Center, Personalization & Optimization, Customer Data Platforms, Customer Insights & Feedback, and Employee Experience

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Customer Insights & Feedback

Market Drivers and Barriers, Key Industry Players, Market Sizing and Forecasts, and Case Studies

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