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CDP product announcements

Customer Data Platforms News from Lytics, mParticle, Treasure Data, and Twilio

Connecting Data and Expanding Sources are Focus Areas of Recent Product and Integration Announcements

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D4t4 Solutions Introduces Celebrus CDI for Salesforce

Celebrus CDI for Salesforce, a Customer Data Integration (CDI) application on Salesforce AppExchange, has been launched by D4t4 Solutions. Data can be sent to customers’ Salesforce Marketing Clouds at the time it is needed and in the correct format. This integration will solve digital identity gaps and creates strong interaction profiles for users that can be used to deliver 1-to-1 personalization. According to the company, the app has two levels of service for customers to choose from, based on data capture and signal requirements.

“Celebrus CDI for Salesforce is a powerful integration for brands,” says Bill Bruno, CEO of D4t4 Solutions. “Combining the power of Salesforce for data activation with the Celebrus digital identity and profile capabilities will truly allow brands to deliver on the demands of today’s consumers in a compliant and real-time manner.” 

Lytics Launches Conductor

Lytics has introduced Conductor, a Customer Data Infrastructure product that can connect, control, and manage customer data. This product is part of Lytics Composable CDP, a platform that also includes Lytics Cloud Connect, a reverse ETL solution that uses SQL attributes to access and import data from the customer’s data warehouse to build segments; and Lytics Decision Engine, renowned for its data activation capabilities and ability to personalize experiences at scale.

Conductor can ingest customer data from any customer touchpoint across channels and platforms, and integrate it into a unified customer profile.

“Every company has customer data that is underperforming, and, in today’s market, they can’t afford to,” says Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, President, Lytics. “With the introduction of Conductor, Lytics makes it even easier to grab more data from any channel or touchpoint in a clean, structured way in order to quickly drive ROI. “Conductor is the centerpiece of our platform’s Composable strategy and will play a leading role in any organization’s data activation strategy, ensuring their ability to future-proof their customer data tech stack and eliminating any concern of large vendor lock-in.”

mParticle Expands Data Sources

mParticle announced it now has the ability to take in data directly from data warehouses, starting with Snowflake. mParticle will subsequently have support for Google BigQuery, Amazon RedShift, and Microsoft Azure. Warehouse Sync enables traditional reverse-ETL flows and offers a complete data infrastructure. Customer data flow from data warehouses will be immediately available across over 300 real-time marketing and customer engagement APIs.

“The cloud data warehouse is an important source of rich customer data which teams need to incorporate into their data strategies,” says Michael Katz, CEO and co-founder of mParticle. “The customer data stack and the data engineering stack are beginning to converge, which we believe will unlock new opportunities for teams of all sizes, and we’re excited to expand our offering with this latest feature.”

Twilio Introduces Segment for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Twilio has announced the general availability of Twilio Segment for Healthcare & Life Sciences, a CDP that is HIPAA eligible. This platform can unify Protected Health Information (PHI) across a patient’s journey. This ability to merge offline and online PHI enables healthcare organizations to provide more personalized support in real time. Patient journey events such as in-person doctor and pharmacy visits, digital touchpoints on websites, patient portals, or mobile apps as well as communication channels such as phone, chat, video, or email, can all be connected.

“With Twilio Segment for Healthcare & Life Sciences, healthcare organizations can now utilize data siloed in legacy tools that they had access to, but were not able to truly use,” says Erik Wagner, Global Lead of Healthcare at Twilio. “The real challenge for these organizations has been to unify data that resides in multiple systems, in real time, and pull it together into a secure platform that protects the patient’s privacy. Twilio Segment’s HIPAA-eligible CDP makes it easy for any type of healthcare organization to collect insights across all of the patient’s touchpoints within their organization, and use that data to streamline processes, create better patient engagement, and improve health outcomes at scale.”

Treasure Data Integration with Amazon Marketing Cloud

Enterprise CDP provider Treasure Data announced an integration with Amazon Marketing Cloud that will help advertisers better understand audience segments and advertising performance, and streamline insight generation.

“As a pioneer in the CDP industry, Treasure Data is honored to be the first customer data platform to have completed this unique integration with Amazon Marketing Cloud,” says John Baudino, Vice President of Partnerships at Treasure Data. “The integration helps our customers to increase the overall effectiveness of their marketing and advertising campaigns with this global and privacy-safe solution.”

Treasure Data Customers that use Amazon Ads for campaigns will be able to easily send curated audiences to Amazon Marketing Cloud for enriched, aggregated, and anonymized insights including audiences’ in-market group, lifestyle cohorts and brand engagement patterns. The insights will allow for optimized marketing, advertising, and campaign investments.

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