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Government employee experience

Government Employees Burned Out from Workload and Staffing Shortages

The U.S. government has been putting effort and money into improving customer experience at the federal level. Recent data from Eagle Hill Consulting indicates that government agencies need to look inward as employees increasingly struggle with...

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Employee experience purchasing factors

Investigating and Purchasing EX Technologies: Prep Work, Purchasing, and Post-Implementation

One of the trends that is clear for end users when looking at employee experience technologies is that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Company size, budget, employee base, and demographics are all considerations, as are factors such as...

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Perceptyx study on employee listening

Companies Still Investing in Employee Listening Programs

In the CX world, there has been a lot of chatter about what this year might look like with budget cuts and potentially leaner organizations. All signs point to CX being particularly needed, and that investments in digital CX will continue, with...

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Workhuman interview

5 Questions with Zoe Peterson-Ward, Chief Customer Officer, Workhuman

Dash Research recently spoke with Zoe Peterson-Ward, the Chief Customer Officer at Workhuman, a provider of rewards and recognition technology and insights that has been in business more than 20 years. Peterson-Ward discussed challenges human...

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Microsoft Copilot product launch

Microsoft Unveils Copilot as New AI Assistant to Change How People Work

Microsoft last week launched its new AI-powered assistant and chatbot for workplace productivity that the company says will completely transform the way people work. The new product, Microsoft 365 Copilot, uses the power of large language models...

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Zoho employee experience

Zoho’s ‘Center of Gravity’ Helps Streamline Employee-Technology Interactions and Improve EX

Software suite provider Zoho recently launched Trident, a new unified communications platform, in addition to several other technology enhancements which fall under its Zoho Workplace office platform. Combined, these additions are aimed at creating...

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Qualtrics Announces General Availability of Manager Assist

Wojtek Kubik, Head of Product Management, Employee Experience, Qualtrics Among the abundant announcements at the Qualtrics X4 experience management event was the general availability launch of Manager Assist, with discussion of upcoming features...

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Gamification in contact centers

Gamification in Contact Centers: Best Practices Focus on Agent Support, Fun, and Engagement

Gamification is a tool that is being used across many industries to increase engagement, collaboration, and productivity. In the contact center it has been used successfully either as part of a larger platform or as a standalone feature. Dash...

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Employee experience survey on DEI priorities

Glassdoor’s Equity Xray Shows EX Gaps Across Specific Demographic Groups

While there is a lot of chatter about layoffs in the tech sector, the employment market is still tight, and companies are facing ongoing challenges with recruiting and retention. Current and prospective employees want and expect a broad range of...

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Labor statistics and employee experience

Labor Statistics Point to Tight Employment Market

New labor statistics and employee survey results indicate that employers will face some challenging conditions in 2023 to provide strong EX.

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Stronger employee experience by creating connections

4 Strategies to Build Employee Connection for Positive EX and Retention

As organizations struggle to build employee engagement in a hybrid work environment, several best practices exist for improving sense of connection.

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QuestionPro Workforce DEI study

Research on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Shows Room for Improvement

QuestionPro Workforce president Sanja Licina discusses key findings from the company's recent study on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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