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CX travel and hospitality products and customers

Travel & Hospitality CX Announcements by Cendyn, mParticle,, and Amadeus

Customer Data Platforms, Conversational AI, and Personalization Solutions are Highlighted

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The use of clean, relevant, and accurate data is critical to all aspects of providing great CX. In the travel & hospitality sector, as in others, this data can be used to provide a more personalized engagement with a brand. Well-managed data helps provide a single view of a customer, along with insights into what customers really want. Recent product and customer announcements in the travel & hospitality segment point to deepening usage of data platforms that can be used to provide a more personalized experience. Additionally, technologies such as virtual assistants are being used to smooth out and speed along customer interactions and support agent productivity.

MParticle chosen by James Villa Holidays

James Villa Holidays, a leading UK holiday villa specialist will be using mParticle as its customer data infrastructure.mParticle will help support CX efforts by supporting hyper-personalized customer support processes across channels and devices, automated onboarding on new property owners and conversion driven web personalization. “As the UK’s leading villa specialist, James Villa Holidays prides itself on taking care of every detail, big or small,” says Karen Gallantry, mParticle Chief Revenue Officer. “Using mParticle, James Villa Holidays can further cultivate this mission by providing bespoke communications and service to each customer, property owner and partner. Travelers come to the company looking for R&R, and now the James Villa Holidays team can rest easy knowing they have a complete picture of each person interacting with their brand.”

Malaysia Airlines Bhd supports CX with an expanded Amadeus deal

Malaysia Airlines is deepening its relationship with Amadeus with a multi-year deal to adopt Amadeus’ Altéa NDC, Reference Experience, and Dynamic Intelligence Hub. Malaysia Airlines is also renewing its Amadeus Altéa Passenger Service System contract as well as its multi-year air content distribution partnership. Group Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Airlines Izham Ismail says, “We are pleased to take our partnership further after having an incredible journey with Amadeus, supporting our transformation goals which is an important part of our long-term business plan. We are confident that with new technology solutions from Amadeus beyond the Passenger Service System, we can offer relevant and richer shopping experiences by allowing customers to personalise their travels to an unprecedented level, ultimately realising our aspirations of becoming Asia’s Leading Travel and Aviation Services Group.” Amadeus Altéa NDC allows for more modern retailing capabilities as well as a more convenient and direct way to book flights. Dynamic pricing and personalization, richer content, and the ability to select seats will all be implemented progressively. technology will be leveraged in Etihad Airways contact centers, a provider of conversational artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, is working with Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, to integrate a virtual assistant into Etihad’s contact centers. The solution will be focused on providing Covid-related travel information to Etihad passengers. The virtual assistant can deliver immediate Covid-related travel information about their flights, eliminating the need to wait in a queue. The passenger can choose to access an Etihad agent live to hear the information directly, or via SMS. “The Spitch solution is an exciting project for the Etihad Innovation Lab”, says Frank Meyer, Chief Digital Officer of Etihad Aviation Group. “We wanted to source technology which will make it easier and quicker for our guests to reach us and resolve their issue. Spitch will save our customers’ time and enable them to enjoy a smoother experience when we receive spikes in the volume of calls.”

Cendyn introduces the Cendyn Hospitality Cloud

Cendyn  has launched a new technology platform, Cendyn Hospitality Could, which enables hoteliers to offer its customers and potential customers a more personalized hotel shopping experience. The company recently released two applications on its newly launched Hospitality Cloud, the Starling customer data platform (CDP) and a website content management system (CMS). The applications help to deliver a more personalized experience for website visitors by offering up better targeted content, offers and imagery. “We have been busy innovating over the past 18 months and the commercial launch of this platform is incredibly exciting. Powered by Starling CDP, our eCommerce offering now brings a new level of personalization and merchandising to the hotel shopping experience. Our enhanced CMS enables hotels to target specific content, visuals and offers to website visitors based on their preferences and behavior, positioning our customers to drive guest engagement, loyalty, and profitable revenue growth via their direct booking channel,” says Tim Sullivan, CEO & President at Cendyn.

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CX travel and hospitality products and customers

Travel & Hospitality CX Announcements by Cendyn, mParticle,, and Amadeus

The use of clean, relevant, and accurate data is critical to all aspects of providing great CX. In the travel & hospitality sector, as in others, this data can be used to provide a more personalized engagement with a brand. Well-managed data…

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