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Bain NPSx customer experience

Bain & Company Launches NPSx for CX Training and Certification

From Bain & Company, inventors of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Net Promoter System, comes NPSx, a CX training and certification course that the company says is the first of its kind to help organizations create leading customer...

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Customer satisfaction

Getting Beyond a Single NPS Score: A Look at QuestionPro’s NPS+

CX practitioners collect a variety of metrics, including Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES) and Secure Customer Index (SCI). NPS is the metric most frequently touted, for better or worse, as the gold...

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Customer Success Teams Help Build Meaningful Customer Engagement

Customer success is defined as “a long-term, scientifically engineered, and professionally directed strategy for maximizing customer and company sustainable proven value,” by the The Customer Success Association. But for most organizations,...

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Understanding the CX Metrics that Matter

Famed management consultant Peter Drucker once noted that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” One of the key tenets in life is that customer experience cannot be measured directly, but keeping track of the factors that...

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CX Market Forecasts

Customer Data & Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Contact Center, Personalization & Optimization, Customer Data Platforms, Customer Insights & Feedback, and Employee Experience

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Customer Insights & Feedback

Market Drivers and Barriers, Key Industry Players, Market Sizing and Forecasts, and Case Studies

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Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Case Studies, Market Drivers, Market Barriers, and Best Practices for the Adoption of Omnichannel Engagement Strategies and Software

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CX for Contact Centers

Case Studies, Market Drivers and Barriers, and Market Sizing and Forecasts Focused on the Adoption of CX Platforms and Applications in Contact Centers

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