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Bain NPSx customer experience

Bain & Company Launches NPSx for CX Training and Certification

The Digital Venture Draws on Bain’s Decades of Industry Expertise

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From Bain & Company, inventors of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Net Promoter System, comes NPSx, a CX training and certification course that the company says is the first of its kind to help organizations create leading customer experiences.

NPSx courses reflect Bain & Company’s extensive client experience, including more than 1,600 Net Promoter System and CX projects across regions and industries, and the best of Bain’s learning approach. Each CX course is online, self-paced, on-demand, and interactive, taking a few hours to complete. Upon the successful completion of a minimum of five core courses and a certification exam, participants can register to become a Bain-certified CX practitioner, the company says.

The course covers the most critical CX disciplines, including CX and Net Promoter Score fundamentals, customer insights and analytics, earned growth and customer economics, CX design, and CX build and execution. Course participants also obtain access to peers and expert practitioners via an extensive online community that helps solve real-life customer challenges.

The course offering is in line with the company’s mission to provide CX practitioners with best-in-class and best standards in CX training, technology, and solutions. Bain says the goal is to empower firms to maximize their company value by improving customer acquisition, retention, and growth.

“We want to provide customer-obsessed individuals and brands with the very best in innovative CX and NPS training, empowering our customers to deliver great experiences for their own customers,” says Darci Darnell, a Bain & Company partner and global head of its customer practice.

Stanford Swinton, executive vice president and the founder of NPSx, says customer expectations are changing rapidly, with the CX function also evolving at the same pace. “We want to enable practitioners and organizations to stay ahead of competition and drive growth through customer and employee advocacy,” Swinton notes. “Our courses help companies build a purpose-led culture, set the right corporate standards and develop the most capable customer experience leaders in the industry.”

Bain & Company, headquartered in Boston, is a management consulting company that provides advice to public, private, and non-profit organizations. In 2003, the company created its proprietary market research metric, Net Promoter Score, for use in CX programs to measure the loyalty of customers to a company. Since then, it has grown to be regarded as the gold standard of CX metrics, used by businesses to measure and track how they are perceived by customers. The NPS is always a number, ranging from -100 to 100; the score is negative when it has more detractors than promoters.

In comparison, the Net Promoter System is defined by Bain as a management philosophy and a way of running a business, with companies committing to specific processes and systems focused on earning the loyalty of both customers and employees. The payoffs can be substantial, according to Bain, and an industry’s loyalty leader on average grows more than twice as fast as its competitors.

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