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EX Platform Provider WeSpire Unveils New Employee Carbon Management Solution

Fresh Approach Enables Companies to Measure and Reduce Employee Emissions

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WeSpire, the employee experience (EX) platform provider with an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) focus, has introduced a solution enabling companies to track and act on the carbon footprint generated by their workers.

The Employee Carbon Management solution, a tool developed in association with Cox Enterprises and South Pole, equips companies with a suite of tools to measure, reduce, balance, and report on employee carbon emissions both at home and the office.

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Boston, WeSpire works with companies around the world on initiatives related to sustainabilitysocial impactwell-being, and inclusive culture that reach more than 2 million employees at present. Part of the Brands for Good consortium that empowers companies to embed environmental and social purpose into their products and experiences, WeSpire can claim various notable brands as clients, including Unilever, MGM Resorts International, and Sony.

Using the Employee Carbon Management Solution, companies can activate their ESG strategy across the workforce, using prescribed steps and curated actions based on behavioral science to make continual, progressive reductions in carbon emissions over time.

The company’s offering is especially helpful in capturing and reporting data related to Scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions—the indirect GHG discharges that occur in a company’s value chain, from components such as business travel, purchased goods and services, employee computing, and waste disposal.

Until now, obtaining employee-based Scope 3 carbon emissions data quickly and accurately has been challenging, a WeSpire statement said, because of a lack of workplace-specific tools. The problem has been compounded by the move among businesses to hybrid and remote work environments, magnifying the need for companies to gain more insight into employee carbon footprints at home and in the office.

Susan Hunt Stevens, founder and CEO of WeSpire, said that with its offering, the company has pioneered a “data-first behavior-change” solution to drive what she calls “much needed personal climate action” in the workplace.

“Our technology enables organizations to engage their employees to better understand their own impact, take targeted carbon reduction actions, and, when needed, the company or employees can balance what remains,” Stevens said. “This holistic solution will inspire further innovation as employees see their collective impact on their company’s ESG goals and will significantly simplify employee-related Scope 3 emissions reporting.”

In creating the Employee Carbon Management Solution, WeSpire also partnered with South Pole, the climate solutions provider and project developer based in Zurich, Switzerland, to embed high-quality offset opportunities for employees and employers to use as rewards. The WeSpire Employee Carbon Management Solution is currently being tested, with general availability expected some time prior to Earth Day 2022, on April 22.

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