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omnichannel customer engagement

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Case Studies, Market Drivers, Market Barriers, and Best Practices for the Adoption of Omnichannel Engagement Strategies and Software

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Although brands have been transforming their CX models over the last several years, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated many organizations’ plans for deploying omnichannel engagement strategies. An omnichannel strategy is a cross-channel strategy that gives a seamless and integrated experience to users across multiple channels. Unlike multichannel strategies, where each channel is managed individually, omnichannel engagement strategies streamline all customer touchpoints under a single platform, with a consistent and continuous experience for the user.

To enable omnichannel engagement, companies must remove data silos and capture and analyze customer interactions at scale. With these insights, organizations can uncover pain points, concerns, or challenges, and take action to improve omnichannel CX and drive increased customer retention and loyalty.

This Dash Research report examines the market issues, drivers, and barriers for the use of platforms, software applications, and services that enable the deployment of omnichannel engagement strategies for CX. Several case studies illustrating the various ways omnichannel engagement is being used by end users are included in the report, along with best practices, software selection criteria, and recommendations for deploying omnichannel engagement strategies.

Key Questions Addressed:

  • What trends are driving the market for software and services that support omnichannel engagement?
  • Which software vendors are the key market participants?
  • What are some key challenges involved with delivering omnichannel CX engagement strategies?
  • What barriers exist to the purchase and use of software and services used to enable omnichannel engagement?
  • What are some representative case studies highlighting successful implementations of omnichannel engagement?
  • What are some best practices for ensuring successful omnichannel CX engagement?

Who Needs This Report?

  • Outsourced or owned contact center providers
  • Organizations seeking to improve CX engagement
  • Organizations seeking to migrate from a multichannel to an omnichannel engagement approach
  • Heads of CX and customer support
  • IT directors and integration specialists
  • CX training directors
  • Investor community

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
    1. Introduction
    2. Market drivers
    3. Market barriers
    4. Dash Research insights
  2. Market Overview
    1. Defining omnichannel engagement
      1. Unifying Omnichannel Customer Data
      2. Predictive analytics
      3. Zigzagging customer journeys
    2. Benefits of an omnichannel engagement strategy
      1. Typical engagement channels
        1. Voice
        2. Web
        3. Text/SMS
        4. Mobile apps
        5. Social media
        6. Video
        7. Email
        8. Others
      2. Market drivers
        1. Poor levels of customer support
        2. A growing shift to digital interactions
        3. Changing demographics of customers
        4. The COVID-19 impact on sales, service and support
        5. CX as a competitive differentiator
      3. Market barriers
        1. Technical challenges with implementing disparate software and workflow processes
        2. A lack of an agreed-upon omnichannel vision
        3. Training and personnel issues
        4. Privacy issues
  3. Case Studies
    1. Omnichannel Case Studies
      1. LuckyVitamin (FullStory)
      2. Deutsche Telekom (Nuance)
      3. North Yorkshire County Council (Mitel)
      4. North American Automaker (TTEC)
      5. Accent Group (ZenDesk)
  4. Best Practices and Recommendations
    1. Best data practices for omnichannel engagement
      1. Develop a data-centric culture
      2. Eliminate data silos
      3. Use technology to support and augment human efforts
      4. Strategic recommendations for enterprises
  5. Acronym and Abbreviation List
  6. Table of Contents
  7. Table of Figures
  8. Appendix
    1. Scope of study
    2. Sources and methodology
    3. Copyright notice

List of Figures

  • Omnichannel Software Requirements for Organizations
  • Predictive Modeling Using Machine Learning
  • Benefits of Omnichannel Engagement
  • A Typical Online/Offline Customer Journey Map

Report Details

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  • Pages: 31
  • Charts, Tables, and Figures: 4
  • Publication Date: 1Q 2022
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