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Employee Experience products

New EX Products: Momentive, QuestionPro,, Motivosity, and DaysToHappy

Planning & Consulting, Feedback Development & Delivery, Employee Recognition, and Virtual Assistant Solutions Are Launched

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Products and solutions that support the growing employee experience segment have been introduced at a fast clip during the start of 2022, with a focus on offerings that help companies plan and launch EX programs and strategies, gather data, reward employees, and support a happy and engaged workforce.

Momentive: Guided Employee Experience

Momentive, a provider of agile experience management, announced the release of Guided Employee Experience powered by SurveyMonkey. Guided Employee Experience encompasses planning services by EX experts, customized survey programming and in-depth analysis and reporting. “Building a differentiated employee experience is key for retention and creating an attractive culture,” said Becky Cantieri, Chief People Officer at Momentive. “This requires staying attuned to what your teams want and need to do their best work. Our new solution empowers HR and People leaders to understand what questions to ask of their employees, as well as when, where, and how often. In challenging times, quick answers to critical questions like these can make or break a talent brand.”

QuestionPro: Positive People Science

QuestionPro, a provider of online survey and research services for both EX and CX, launched a new practice called Positive People Science, an offering that provides end-to-end support in creating and deploying EX strategy. Sanja Licina, Ph.D., President of QuestionPro Workforce, said, “Through meaningful and impactful data we help companies establish a better connection and more significant understanding of what their employee experience is like, and how to improve it.” Licina added, “Our approach is data-driven, personalized and optimized for impact.” The program includes survey design, advanced data analysis, action planning, and impact assessment, across a variety of topics from diversity, equity & inclusion, to leadership development, well-being, productivity, turnover/retention and managing multiple cultures. EX by

EX by was introduced by experience provider This open platform provides real-time, continuous feedback, gathered across the entire employee journey. With the use of the platform, corporate management can receive fast feedback on onboarding, training, career development, and culture – all segmented by employee data. “With remote work the new norm, the Great Resignation, and intense competition, it is critical for organizations to effectively attract, engage and retain employees,” said Dr. Jessica Kriegel, Chief People and Culture Officer, Dr. Kriefel continued, “EX by allows companies to establish an intentional culture that results in long-term employee retention, higher levels of productivity, and improved quality of work.”

Motivosity: ThanksMattersCard

Motivosity, which provides software for employee recognition and engagement, launched the ThanksMattersCard. This card helps transfer peer-to-peer recognition into a monetary gift card that can be used wherever Visa is accepted on whatever an employee chooses.

DaysToHappy: Ava Virtual Assistant

An AI-powered virtual assistant, Ava, was introduced by mobile-based behavior change platform DaysToHappy. Ava is a personable, accessible, and scalable virtual assistant which leverages proprietary eDNA (13 engagement indicators) to help deliver customizable employee journeys to each employee. DaysToHappy guarantees it will help employees be happy and engaged at work, or the service will be free. According to Corey Davis, DaysToHappy founder and CEO, “For years, the problem with employee engagement and leadership development has been figuring out how to turn data and feedback into action plans that can be rolled out to all employees at scale and truly change behavior. With Ava, we can. Plus, we guarantee it, helping every employee working from any location thrive.”

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