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Adobe Expands Digital Transformation Capabilities to Healthcare and Patient Experience

Experience Cloud for Healthcare to Deliver Personalized Experience and Other Benefits

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Adobe is expanding the customer experience management (CXM) capabilities of a current product offering into the realm of healthcare, the company said on its website when announcing the solution.

Key features of the expanded offering, called Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare, will include real-time updates of patient data, adherence to industry standards to safeguard privacy, and integration with the healthcare ecosystem to manage workflows and patient information. The new capabilities will also meet healthcare use cases for hospitals, pharmacies, and insurance companies.

Overall, Adobe explained that Experience Cloud for Healthcare will enable medical organizations to boost customer engagement, as well as activate healthcare data, create new service offerings, and personalize experiences. “Healthcare brands looking to become trusted partners for their patients and members need to provide contextually relevant experiences across multiple channels while safeguarding consumers’ personal data,” said Thomas Swanson, head of industry strategy and marketing for Adobe’s Healthcare & Life Sciences unit. “Any healthcare or life sciences organization that has sensitive-data use cases and is seeking to use their data sets to better understand and serve their customers via personalized experiences will benefit from Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare,” he added.

This healthcare solution is the newest vertical of Adobe Experience Cloud, a collection of applications and services built on a platform specifically designed to enable personalized CX in real time and at scale. Delivering personalized experiences is important in the changing face of medicine, according to Adobe. For instance, firms focused on delivering superior CX are likely to increase revenue by a factor of 1.6, Adobe said, citing a report from Forrester that it commissioned in 2018. Moreover, experience-driven healthcare firms lead their peers and perform better than their peers on major business priorities, the report added in its key findings. Adobe is one of several powerful players aiming to help healthcare companies combine disparate data and make information easier to analyze. Its competitors include Amazon’s HealthLake, Google’s Healthcare Data Engine, and Saleforce’s Health Cloud. Adobe is also joining forces with other outfits, partnering with Microsoft’s Cloud for Healthcare and Veeva’s customer relationship management (CRM) and medical loss ratio (MLR) systems to ensure that Experience Cloud for Healthcare is fully integrated into those systems.

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