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Movie theater CX survival lessons

Applying Survival Lessons Learned from the Movie Theater Industry

The movie theater industry has been impacted greatly over the past several years by the confluence of multiple factors that were largely out of the control of operators. First, home theater technology has been improving over time, with the...

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Creating Compelling Customer Experiences to Entice People to Attend In-Person Events

Last week, the New York Mets, winners of 101 games during the regular MLB season, hosted all three games of the National League Wild Card Series against the San Diego Padres. While the Mets were able to sell out Games 1 and 2, Game 3’s announced...

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Managing Surges in CX Inquiry Demand

In late January, streaming service Spotify found itself in the middle of a conflict between Joe Rogan, the comedian-turned-podcast host, and rock legend Neil Young. Rogan, host of the Joe Rogan Experience, had come under scrutiny for providing a...

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Improving CX in Sports and Entertainment Venues

The return to normal life after the COVID-19 pandemic provided an additional challenge to venue managers: how to keep patrons safe, without negatively impacting the fan experience. After all, keeping patrons safe is a key determining factor in...

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CX for Streaming Services

One group of companies that received a massive boost in usage during the COVID-19 pandemic was over-the-top (OTT) video streaming services, such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and Apple TV+. As people complied with stay-at-home guidelines...

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Latest Research

Employee Experience

Market Drivers and Barriers, Market Sizing and Forecasts, and Case Studies

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CX in the Healthcare Industry

Patient Experience Management and Patient Engagement: Best Practices, Key Market Trends, Case Studies, and Market Forecasts

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CX Market Forecasts

Customer Data & Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Contact Center, Personalization & Optimization, Customer Data Platforms, Customer Insights & Feedback, and Employee Experience

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Customer Insights & Feedback

Market Drivers and Barriers, Key Industry Players, Market Sizing and Forecasts, and Case Studies

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