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Medakkua Medicare Stars product launch

Medallia Medicare Stars Solution Strives to Improve Patient Experience Ratings

Patient experience measurement reveals dynamic tensions and differences in the motivations behind what healthcare organizations measure for and why. For some it reflects the strategic pursuit of excellence in improving processes and outcomes, while...

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healthcare evolution

Healthcare Providers Compelled to Adapt or Wither in a Fast-Changing World

Consumers have greater virtual access to care than ever before, but remain overwhelmed by the proliferation of choice and unconvinced that their healthcare experiences as consumers have improved. The market entry of non-traditional healthcare...

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personalizing patient experience

Personalizing the Patient Experience Is the Future of Competitive Advantage

Since 2008, the University of Utah Health (UTH) has listened to the voices of its patients. At that time, UTH laid down a challenge to its leadership to improve the patient experience with the call to action that medical care can only be great if...

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healthcare revolution

New Strategic Mindsets to Reframe, Rebrand, and Revolutionize Healthcare

In the natural scientific world, the principle that form is function refers to the direct relationship between the physical structure of a living system and the way that it functions and survives. The same design principle holds true when one...

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Patient experience building blocks

Customer Operations: Building Blocks to Transforming Patient Experience

The role of customer operations, which refers to the  service and back-office business activities that organizations rely on to fulfil customer experiences (CX), are key building blocks in healthcare organizations’ capacity to efficiently...

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healthcare brand loyalty

Establishing Brand Loyalty in Healthcare as a Futureproofing Strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic influenced consumers’ trust and engagement with healthcare, and challenged providers in innumerable, unforeseeable ways that today are helping establish digital platforms as the foundation for the industry’s customer...

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healthcare strategy

Unblinding Healthcare Strategy to Transform Patient Experience

In driving down costs and capturing recurring revenues, consumer loyalty is becoming a driver of profitability for health systems. But care access remains a barrier for many Americans. And challenges with patient care access matter for patient...

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Patient experience journey

Patient Experience Management Reimagined

Healthcare experience management is being reimagined. It starts with organizations understanding the patient journey and setting patient expectations to realize opportunities that build individualized, positive relationships. Doing so effectively...

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Patient experience management

Patient Experience Measurement Evolves with Healthcare Consumerism

KLAS Research’s Patient Experience Improvement 2021 report with payer and provider customer satisfaction ratings of patient experience (PX) measurement and improvement solutions ranks Press Ganey, Qualtrics, and NRC Health as the top three...

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healthcare workforce

Recognizing Workforce Experiences to Operationalize Patient Experience

A key determinant of patient experience (PX) outcomes in healthcare lies with the organizational capacity to implement PX solutions and integrate them effectively within the workflow across the patient journey. Achieving this goal is challenged by...

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Healthcare contact center

The Role of Contact Centers in Improving Patient Experiences in 2022

A recent webinar with Steve Leaden, president and founder of Leaden Associates, which designs enterprise communication strategies for US healthcare organizations, and Patty Hayward, head of provider and payer strategy at Talkdesk, provided insight...

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Digital health investment

Investment Trends in Digital Health and Patient Experiences

Record levels of investment in healthcare technology reflect the market dynamics at play in areas of digital transformation, especially in mobile software and services areas, such as digital health. In 2021, CB Insights reported that global digital...

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Digital Door Strategies Are Defining a New Era of Patient Experience in Healthcare

The healthcare industry has traditionally lagged behind other industries when it has come to the digitization of core operational practices, but recent developments have been nothing short of transformational. The onset of the pandemic, in...

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CES 2022: Technology Frontiers and the Digital Future of Patient Experience

The digital health and wellness category was on prominent display at CES 2022. The opportunity to showcase the latest in tech offerings offered a glimpse into the patient experience (PX) frontier at the intersection of consumer technology and...

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Designing for the Ages: A Strategic Priority in the Older Adult PX

By 2030, 20% of the US population will be 65 or older. Nearly three-quarters of older adults state a preference to stay in their homes and age in place, so technology that allows them to manage their health remotely will be critical to helping them...

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Rethinking Patient Experience in Transforming Care for People with Complex Care Needs

As retailers and brands build deep, enriching relationships at each step of the customer journey and become an indispensable part of consumers’ lives, their ability for deep understanding of the way consumers live, eat, work, and play is central...

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