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Patient experience journey

Patient Experience Management Reimagined

An Evolving Landscape of Innovation and Technology Solutions to Personalize and Optimize the Patient Journey

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Healthcare experience management is being reimagined. It starts with organizations understanding the patient journey and setting patient expectations to realize opportunities that build individualized, positive relationships. Doing so effectively can contribute toward developing trust and engendering loyalty between patient and provider. An individualized patient experience (PX) survey vendor, Feedtrail, offers these considerations when addressing opportunities for improvement in PX:

  • Recognition that a patient’s journey begins before they actually see a doctor or even check in for their appointment helps set expectations that can promote positive relationships, develop trust, and build loyalty.
  • Intentional engagement with and learning from patients at key moments during their care encounter helps manage expectations and realize real-time opportunities for service recovery.
  • Leveraging a flexible post-encounter outreach engagement strategy beyond traditional post-discharge surveys helps exceed expectations and offers the potential for a more person-centered view of interactions and experiences with organizations, services, and their priorities.
(Source: Feedtrail)

The segmentation of experience management and corresponding interventions and objectives for the intentional engagement of patients throughout their journey include the following:

(Sources: Feedtrail and Dash Research)

The Beryl Institute’s Experience Framework, which consists of eight strategic areas to help inform a meaningful segmentation of the PX marketplace for products and services to shape overall experience strategy, evaluate current efforts, and support organizational improvement, recognizes the following companies with experience management technology solutions:

  • CipherHealth describes seamless, personalized digital experiences throughout the patient journey as the tables stakes for superior PX and satisfied patients. Its digital orchestration engine functions as a single, unified system across its suite of in-care rounding solutions and pre- and post-care outreach solutions, serving as an intelligent hub to manage all patient, staff, and caregiver communication through scalable, automated, multi-lingual, and multi-modal communication solutions for improved workflow efficiencies and cost savings.
  • eVideon captures in-patient digital PX through the Vibe Health platform, which consists of interactive televisions, digital whiteboards, and interactive signage displays, with customizable surveys and prompts for patient feedback. Vibe Health integrates with electronic health records (EHRs) to deliver real-time analytics and insights into patient behaviors and pain points that enable hospitals to respond in real time to patient feedback and drive clinical and operational efficiency by automating workflow with educational assignments, clinical documentation, service requests, and patient feedback inputs.
  • Feedtrail supports organizations with tools and real-time analytics to establish direct patient communications and manage expectations before, during, and after care encounters. The Experience Management (XM) platform empowers healthcare teams to amplify the voice of the patient and highlight service recovery opportunities to address the demands of patients. The company reports that more than 80 health systems across 5,000 sites in 36 countries use Feedtrail.
  • Press Ganey, a leader in patient, member, employee, and consumer experience across the healthcare ecosystem, works with more than 41,000 healthcare facilities. In a 2021 healthcare consumer survey to discover behaviors and preferences driving their healthcare decisions, Press Ganey found that customer service (71%) and communication (64%) are key to delivering a five-star experience. With 83% of patients going online to read provider reviews after a referral, 84% report they would not see a provider with less than a four-star rating to which they had been referred.
  • Quality Reviews is a company that was founded by providers for providers to help capture real-time patient feedback, identify opportunities for service recovery, and deliver an improved experience to patients, as well as employees so that they enjoy a more fruitful and enjoyable experience. Deployed in more than 1,000 care locations, Quality Reviewshas helped improve PX in US academic medical centers, rural and community hospitals, and outpatient clinics.
  • Qualtrics is a market leader in experience management with more than 16,750 organizations using data from Qualtrics products and services to manage and improve customer, staff, product, and brand experiences. In early 2022, Qualtrics launched a new set of products, XM Discover, to collect data from any structured and unstructured source, analyze it with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and develop actionable insights to deliver better customer, employee, brand, and product experiences.

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