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Salesforce CRM Analytics

Salesforce Launches CRM Analytics With New Features

Retooled AI-Driven Solution Infuses Insights Directly Into Customer Workflows

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A customer relationship management (CRM) solution from Salesforce has been retooled and relaunched with new features that incorporate artificial intelligence (AI)-driven insights directly into workflows, advances that Salesforce says can help companies perform more efficiently, predict outcomes, and obtain AI-based guidance.

The reworked Salesforce solution is CRM Analytics, formerly known as Tableau CRM. By employing data, analytics, and AI, CRM Analytics produces insights and intelligence that can be used by service teams to deliver a more personalized CX.

“Every Customer 360 digital transformation is a data transformation,” says Susan Emerson, senior vice president of global product go-to-market at Salesforce, referring to the integrated CRM platform of Salesforce in her mention of Customer 360. “That’s why we built CRM Analytics—a complete, scalable, AI-powered data and analytics platform native to Salesforce. It enables Salesforce customers across every industry to inject visual and predictive insights and recommendations on the next best action deeply into the flow of work.”

The new features in CRM Analytics include CRM Analytics App for Slack and Predictions in Slack, two tools that integrate and flow into Slack, the enterprise messaging platform acquired by Salesforce in 2021. Another feature is Search Insights, which uses natural language to search from the analytics landing page within CRM Analytics. Energy & Utilities Analytics provides deeper insights into sales processes in energy and utilities, including opportunities likely to close. And Public Sector Analytics offers insight into department efficiency and compliance management with intelligence inside the Salesforce workflow.

In February, Salesforce announced a solution, Revenue Intelligence, that brought together CRM Analytics and Sales Cloud, its sales automation and forecasting app, for a unified revenue management command center to equip sales leaders with insights throughout the sales and revenue cycles.

One company that uses CRM Analytics to identify insights and achieve sales goals is NI, the company formerly known as National Instruments Corporation and currently a producer of automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software. Tom Vonderach, senior vice president of global sales and support at NI, says CRM Analytics has allowed its sellers to look beyond opportunity data to identify key trends and behaviors for insights to support higher customer intimacy. The insights then help drive additional pipeline opportunities for sellers to achieve their own growth targets, Vonderach adds.

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