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Employee Experience Technology Adoption Is Being Driven by Pandemic Recovery and Workforce Instability

The massive shifts caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have been deeply felt across all industries and at every department level within business-to-consumer (B2B) and business-to-business (B2B) companies. The effect on the global workforce has been...

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The Customer Experience Market Ecosystem is Being Transformed by a High Level of Consolidation and Investment Activity

The customer experience (CX) market ecosystem is a broad web of solutions and technologies aimed at smoothing out a customer’s journey from start to finish and providing a personalized and engaging experience. On the technology provider side,…

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The Retail Industry Customer Experience Market Will Reach $10.9 Billion in Revenue by 2026, According to Dash Research

The COVID-19 pandemic and its related recovery trajectory have impacted a wide range of industries, but perhaps none as visible as retail and e-tail. Disruptions to both customer-facing processes (shopping, purchasing, and returns), as well as…

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The Customer Experience Market in 2022 Will Continue to Be Heavily Influenced by Labor Issues, Supply Chain Disruptions, and Health and Safety Concerns

As 2021 draws to a close, it is clear that the events and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic continue to significantly impact the customer experience (CX) market, according to a new webinar and companion white paper produced by Dash Research. While…

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Artificial Intelligence Capabilities Are Quickly Becoming Essential for Customer Experience Initiatives

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become nearly ubiquitous across a range of industries and use cases. The customer experience (CX) discipline is no different, according to a new report from Dash Research; AI is being used across both…

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Customer Experience and Customer Engagement Market to Surpass $100 Billion in Annual Worldwide Revenue by 2026

Customer experience (CX) and customer engagement (CE) initiatives continue to be a major priority for organizations around the world, especially in light of the significant changes and disruptions to customer relationships that emerged as a result…

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Dash Network Launches to Bring In-Depth Market Intelligence and Insights to the Global Customer Experience Industry

Today, on CX Day 2021, Dash Network announced its formation to provide global market analysis and insights focused on technology solutions and best business practices for customer experience (CX) solutions. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado and led…

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