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Webinar A Dash Network Editorial Webinar

Mitigating the Impact of an Economic Downturn Using CX

Improving Satisfaction, Retention, Revenue, Personalization, and Self-Service in a Resource-Constrained Environment

Live Webinar - January 24, 2023 @ 12:00pm EDT
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  • Keith KirkpatrickPrincipal Analyst, Dash Research
  • Sherril HansonSenior Analyst, Dash Research
  • Clint WheelockManaging Director, Dash Research

It is no secret that the economy has made life difficult for companies and their customers. Rising prices due to inflation, a challenging interest rate environment, and near-daily predictions of a full-on recession have done little to instill economic confidence in either the short or long term. Some organizations have responded by redirecting their focus to cutting costs, which in some cases results in the pruning of CX programs or staff. However, making across-the-board cuts to CX programs can be short-sighted, and a more targeted approach to reducing costs may be prudent. In this webinar, Dash Research analysts provide a close examination of several key trends and strategies that are becoming more prominent as CX practitioners prepare for the challenges of an economic recession:

  • Labor strategies, evolution of customer-facing roles, and the impact on CX
  • CX activities and spending during previous economic recessions
  • The role of AI and automation in enabling self-service, personalization, and predictive actions
  • Cost-saving initiatives as part of CX programs
  • Strategies to improve customer retention and increase spend
  • The evolution of employee experience in a resource-constrained environment

This Dash Research webinar, which will include a presentation and discussion of trends with three industry analysts from the Dash team, will concentrate on the key challenges faced by CX practitioners across various industry sectors in the face of an economic downturn on the heels of the COVID-19 market upheaval. Key subjects covered will include cost reduction, revenue preservation, customer retention, technology adoption, and employee experience strategies in a tight economic environment.

Key Questions Addressed

  • How are CX practitioners preparing for an economic downturn in 2023?
  • How are customer-facing roles evolving as CX initiatives include more focus on automation and self-service?
  • How is AI being utilized to enhance CX programs and greater personalization?
  • What kinds of cost-saving benefits are included in CX initiatives?
  • How are brands focusing on improving customer retention and increasing spend?
  • How is the focus on employee experience changing, especially in an environment of tight budgets?

Who Needs to Attend this Webinar?

  • CX practitioners and professionals
  • EX practitioners and professionals
  • CX and EX vendors
  • Marketing and sales leads
  • IT application leads
  • Data analysts and management specialists
  • Investor community

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