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Webinar A Dash Network Editorial Webinar

CX After COVID-19

Five Key Changes to CX in the Post-Pandemic World

An On-Demand Webinar
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  • Keith KirkpatrickPrincipal Analyst, Dash Research
  • Clint WheelockManaging Director, Dash Research

The goal of providing a good customer experience is certainly not new; smart organizations have realized that mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationships with their customers usually has a positive impact on the company’s bottom line. However, the COVID-19 pandemic served as an accelerant for making CX top of mind for both companies and their customers, as engagement and interactions shifted to digital channels.

Dash Research has identified five key themes in CX that were driven by the pandemic lockdowns and subsequent recovery period:

  1. Greater personalization
  2. Support for seamless omnichannel experiences
  3. More self-service options
  4. A shift to digital-first research
  5. A continued focus on safe payment and delivery

These themes cut across multiple industries and are expected to have an impact long after COVID-19 has been eradicated. Dash Research will highlight each theme, the COVID-related drivers, and discuss the short and long-term impacts on organizations and their customers.

Key Questions Addressed

  • What key events and themes occurred in 2021?
  • What trends or elements from COVID are here to stay versus those that will fade away?
  • What is happening in the investment market for CX companies?
  • Which CX practices or systems gained traction this year?
  • What trends or themes can we expect in the CX market in 2022?

Who Needs to Attend this Webinar?

  • CX professionals
  • Marketing executives
  • Operations professionals
  • Contact center managers
  • Customer service managers
  • Data specialists
  • IT procurement professionals
  • Investor community

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