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CX After COVID-19

Five Key Changes to CX in the Post-Pandemic World

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Organizations have been focused on providing good CX for years, largely because of increased competition from physically distant digital stores, such as Amazon and eBay, along with the increased reach and breadth of product offerings from big-box retailers, such as Walmart. Organizations have realized that providing good CX helps nurture mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationships with their customers, which, in turn, usually has a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

The COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns served as a catalyst for making digital engagement the dominant way companies and customers could engage and communicate. As the traditional channels and ways of doing business were constrained by safety protocols and labor issues, all attention was focused on digital interactions, which led to the rise of five key themes emerging in the world of CX.

This Dash Research white paper identifies and discusses five themes in CX that were driven by the pandemic lockdowns and subsequent recovery period: greater levels of personalization; support for seamless omnichannel experiences; more self-service options; a shift to digital-first research; and a continued focus on safe payments. These themes are apparent across multiple industries and are projected to have an impact long after COVID-19 has been eradicated.

Key Questions Addressed:

  • What are the key themes in CX that emerged as a result of the pandemic lockdowns and subsequent recovery?
  • How have companies deployed safe protocols for purchasing goods and service in person?
  • What techniques are being used to provide greater levels of personalization to customers?
  • How do companies effectively incorporate self-service tools?
  • What is an omnichannel approach, and what elements are required to effectively deliver this experience?

Who Needs This White Paper?

  • Retail CX professionals
  • Travel and hospitality CX leaders
  • Healthcare patient experience directors
  • Telecommunications customer care leaders
  • Food and beverage service directors
  • Investor community

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