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WorkTango-Kazoo integrated EX platform

WorkTango + Kazoo Rebrands and Offers Broad EX Platform

Integration of Solutions from Legacy Companies Results in Integrated Solution

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Six months after the Kazoo-WorkTango acquisition, the combined SaaS-based EX technology company has rebranded itself to WorkTango and has introduced a comprehensive EX platform.

Dash Research recently chatted with Patrick Manzo, WorkTango’s CEO, to learn more about the company’s solution set and how it fits into the EX market.

“WorkTango takes a forward-looking view of the experience space. We‘re convinced that shareholder value is delivered with a good customer experience, and that is absolutely dependent on employee experience. This is only going to accelerate, and we expect this market to be very resilient, even in the face of a possible recession.”

Manzo joined the company earlier this year and has been in the work technology industry for over 16 years. Manzo was interested in joining the company because of the strength, growth rate, and durability of the market. Additionally, the ability to work for an organization that is focused on making people’s work life better felt like a good pursuit.

“You can define a lot as EX,” says Manzo. “WorkTango tries to focus on the core, and that means zeroing in on the technologies that help to build culture, gain insights into what employees are thinking and feeling, and supporting employees with meaningful goals and feedback.”

The combination of legacy Kazoo and legacy WorkTango has resulted in a platform that has taken three sometimes disparate tools and combined them into one solution.

Source: WorkTango

With this integrated platform, customers now have access to technologies that are key to supporting positive EX. Braunability, a manufacturer of mobility transportation solutions including wheelchair accessible vehicles, saw solid successes implementing WorkTango’s Recognition and Rewards and Survey & Insights solutions. Braunability was finding it difficult to find a rewards and recognition technology that was easy to use and struggled with the employee engagement tool it was currently using. The surveys had too many questions, took a long time to set up, and took a while for results to be tallied so action could be taken. Deployment of WorkTango solutions saw positive results:

  • 5% increase in recognition engagement scores. Use of peer-to-peer recognition capabilities
  • 56% employee engagement survey response rates. The QR code feature made it easier to use in manufacturing environments where employees could scan and answer questions on their personal device, at their leisure
  • Introduction of Employee Net Promoter Score and the inclusion of index data capture
  • Integration and correlation of data that comes out of the WorkTango platform with data from Braunability’s distinct groups such as its retail business corporation division and manufacturing arm helped to determine the most appropriate goals, strategies, and actions.

“WorkTango really helps companies determine what their team is thinking, so meaningful actions can be taken. Our technology can help determine the key drivers and how it varies amongst different groups,” says Manzo. “We have always offered a robust rewards and recognition solution, and this tool is one that is becoming particularly important in a world where a lot of people are now remote. Additionally, we are excited about our employee-focused goals and feedback solution that allows for a more continuous flow of 2-way information to better align employees with overall company goals and allow for more development and growth.”

The company is focused on the midmarket/SMB market and has more than 1,000 customers. Says Manzo, “We feel our current offering is hitting a sweet spot for enterprises that are often underserved, but yet there is still lots of expansion opportunity.”

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