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Closing the loop on customer feedback

“We Heard You”… Now What?

Closing the Feedback Loop with Communication and Action

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There are a multitude of very good customer feedback tools, available via many channels and mechanisms. This has helped to expand the amount and type of feedback given and provided convenience to customers who want their voices heard.

Customer Feedback Channels

Source: Dash Research

However, without reporting results and taking action, companies risk angering those who took the time to provide input and risk keeping points of customer friction in place. Communication and taking action on the results are critical. While going through the CX-PRO certification process, Dash analysts learned about having a good, reinforcing closed-loop-action-management framework in place for when feedback is asked for.

A Closed-Loop Framework

Source: HorizonCX

People who take the time to participate in a feedback process should be clearly communicated to so they know they were heard, and plans for improvement should be presented. There are many good examples of companies closing the loop with their customers.

Air New Zealand Improves Offering

According to Air New Zealand General Manager, Short Haul, Jeremy O’Brien, changes were made on select routes based on research the company did to understand what customers really wanted on longer flights. Customers wanted consistency in experience and in turn, economy bookings were allowed to receive full in-flight services on certain routes.

“From talking with customers we’ve heard loud and clear there’s a need for a consistent Air New Zealand experience, so the changes to our Seats to Suit product have been made to enhance the customer experience. The majority of our customers on these services already purchase The Works, with only around 5% of customers buying just a seat fare. Ensuring everyone can enjoy a meal from our delicious new menu gives an overall better onboard experience and streamlines the process for our crew and customers. As for Honolulu, moving this service to our Long-haul offering brings it in line with our other North American destinations so customers will now be able to choose between Economy, Premium Economy and Business Premier on these flights.”

The company gathered feedback, analyzed it, prioritized what it could offer, made the improvement, and communicated it to customers.

Customer Feedback Drove Changes to Morrisons App

Morrisons, a UK-based supermarket chain, made improvements to its mobile app based on customer feedback, allowing for more relevant rewards in categories where customers want to see the biggest savings. According to Rachel Eyre, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer at Morrisons, “We know that this is a very tough time for customers, and so our improved My Morrisons scheme will help the millions of customers who are part of it by rewarding them with instant offers when they shop.  We have taken on board customer feedback about which categories are the most relevant and have also introduced unexpected surprises to put a smile on our customers’ faces.” 

After feedback gathering, the company moved through the stages of the feedback loop, ending in an email communication to customers and a website post outlining the changes:

“Welcome to your brand new My Morrisons app! Offering you more ways to save on your shopping. We listened to your feedback and made some exciting changes. From personalized offers to money off coupons, plus the chance to bag a bonus offer when you swipe your card or scan the app. Simply visit your app store, search for My Morrisons and click update. Enjoy!”

LA Metro Released Results of 2022 CX Survey

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) conducted its first CX survey since Covid earlier this year. The agency laid out top level and detailed results in its blog and outlined plans for improvements. According to the agency, the group took the annual survey results, in combination with ongoing customer feedback and surveys to create its CX plan. The agency communicated target issues, as well as CX plan items that were in progress:

Source: Metro

This demonstrates clearly communicated results and actions. Aside from the blog and press release, which was picked up on many news outlets, those in Metro’s CX group also highlighted the results on LinkedIn. Chief Customer Officer, Jennifer Vides Hirsch shared:

“The only way to improve your customers’ experience is to shine a light on your issues, then get to work on them. That’s what happened here: we proactively released our survey results and aren’t hiding from our challenges. Together, across departments, we’re implementing plans to address the issues our customers are most concerned about and we’re making progress.“

LinkedIn Asks for Feedback; Responds with Suggestions and Plans

Chief Product Officer at LinkedIn, Tomer Cohen, reached out to the LinkedIn community in early 2022 for feedback, suggestions, and descriptions of what people are really trying to get done and accomplish on the platform.

Cohen reported responses were received from thousands of LinkedIn members, and read and shared across LinkedIn teams. Cohen then shared a feedback summary that also included relevant information that can help users address concerns today, and then a plan for what is next. It was outlined in a clear and conversational way and posted on the platform where the feedback was given. As an example:

  • Issue was communicated: You want better ways to curate your feed experience. 
  • Feedback was summarized: “The top product experience you highlighted was the feed. We heard that you want a better way to curate your feed to see content from people that matter, talking about topics you care about most. This can be content from your connections, people you follow, or people outside your network who are relevant to your professional interests. You also want to keep your LinkedIn feed a place for professional, respectful conversations on topics that matter most to you – just like you would in your ideal work environment…”
  • Suggestion for how to solve the issue were given: Instructions on how to unfollow connections and find conversations and communities that are most relevant to individual members.
  • Future plans: “We’re continually investing in improving your feed experience, from relevance improvements to surfacing relevant topics, creators, groups, and events. We’re also investing in new & exciting tools to help creators best express their ideas, as well as in tools for group and event organizers to better moderate & elevate the quality of their communities.”

There is real risk if the feedback process goes astray along any of the steps in the loop. Surveys need to be well designed and launched on the medium that makes sense for the customer base, measurement and analysis must be accurate and fast, but thoughtful internal discussions on priority focus areas must occur. But without the last piece of the process, improvement (action) and communication, customers will, at the least, be hesitant to participate in future feedback opportunities or on the other end of the spectrum, lose trust in the brand, become a brand detractor, or a former customer.

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