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Customer experience technology partnership

QuestionPro Partners with Acquis Cortico-X

Collaboration Brings Promise of Strategic Advisory Services and New CX-Related Products

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QuestionPro and Acquis Cortico-X announced a collaboration to offer products and strategic services aimed at helping companies measure, discern insights, and take action from their data.

Acquis Cortico-X is the experience transformation arm of Acquis Consulting Group, a boutique management consultancy that helps clients and technology companies drive digital transformation. The firm doubled down on its experience practice, naming former PwC partner Sujay Saha as President of Cortico-X in March 2022.

QuestionPro, meanwhile, offers products for surveying, as well as CX management software and employee experience solutions.

According to the partners, they will be developing a suite of branded and white-labeled products that combine QuestionPro’s tools and services with Cortico-X’s experience in leveraging insights for business transformation. QuestionPro CEO Vivek Bhaskaran says, “If, as they say, the customer is the brand. In this digital world, it’s possible to know exactly how your customers feel about you–and your competitors. Now, more than ever, businesses must constantly listen and learn from their customers and the marketplace. We’ll provide the listening, and Cortico-X will provide the learning.” 

One interesting point is that the companies are already working on a customer journey-focused experience assessment and a competitive benchmarking tool. The ability to tie in feedback and data to specific touchpoints in a customer journey is an important one as companies look for ways to remove friction points and respond to issues or concerns more expediently. QuestionPro and Cortico-X are also working on a product will enable an organization’s experience-centered continuous improvement function.

“Attempts at transformation based on anything other than hard data are doomed to fail,” says Sujay Saha. “QuestionPro’s CX platform combined with their research panels and sentiment analysis produces remarkably rich datasets, serving as the foundation for any new product development or business transformation project.” 

This data- focused partnership trends well with some of the insights and conclusions in Dash Research’s recently published Customer Insights & Feedback report. Many companies struggle to move beyond data collection; however, data collection only gets companies part of the way there in truly understanding the highs, lows, and emotions of a customer journey. It is what is done with the data that will set company end users apart, and be a critical factor in a positive ongoing customer relationship.

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