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Pisano Partners with Turkey’s Sodexo Avantaj to Fortify CX Initiatives

The Turkish Arm of Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services Desired Quantifiable CX Results

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Pisano, the London-based all-in-one Experience Management platform provider, has been selected by Sodexo Avantaj in Turkey to bolster CX management with an eye to demonstrating and quantifying measurable results.

Sodexo Avantaj is the Turkish arm of global employee recognition firm Sodexo Benefit and Rewards Services (BRS), which in turn is part of the giant French food services and facilities management firm of the same name, Sodexo, headquartered in the Paris suburb of Issy-les-Moulineaux. Operating in 80 countries, Sodexo serves 75 million consumers each day through a unique combination of services for on-site offerings, benefits and rewards, and personal and home care. In Turkey, Sodexo BRS offers its incentive and recognition programs through branch operations at Sodexo Avantaj—short for its full name of Sodexo Avantaj ve Ödüllendirme Hizmetleri A.Ş.

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When Sodexo Avantaj first approached Pisano, it knew the importance of good CX in obtaining customer goodwill and loyalty, which rolled up to satisfaction for the sales agents and employees of a firm performing customer care. Ultimately, fostering both customer and employee engagement was beneficial to a company, Sodexo Avantaj believed, because happy employees and satisfied customers simply made good business sense for any company’s bottom line.

But Sodexo Avantaj, which had already created a customer journey of its own at the outset for clients, also wanted to take what it had done to the next level. It wanted to know how to quantify and measure CX across all touchpoints in the customer journey.

This was where Pisano came in. An established solutions provider in CX technologies for feedback and listening, insights and analysis, and digital EX and conversational AI, Pisano unpacked for the Sodexo CX team various aspects of the CX feedback and measurement process. Pisano demonstrated the importance of collecting and centralizing feedback from all channels on a single platform, how to implement the feedback collection process, how CX measurements could be made based on the feedback that had been gathered, and finally, the type of metrics to be used.

For its part, the Sodexo Avantaj CX team evaluated Pisano’s strong credentials and history of success in CX, alongside Pisano’s record of achievements with international customers—an area where Sodexo Avantaj desired wider exposure.

After careful examination and deliberation of its options, Sodexo Avantaj announced its decision to go with the dedicated team at Pisano, as it looks to replicate the successful CX results Pisano has achieved through the robust omnichannel structure and reporting capabilities of the Pisano platform. In the end, it was Pisano’s proven-and-tested capability to collect feedback from all customer journey touchpoints, as well as the hierarchical structure of its platform that could be customized for Sodexo Avantaj, which became the most important reasons for Sodexo Avantaj to partner with Pisano.

Privately held Pisano, founded in 2015, is known for its Experience Management platform that feeds voice of customer (VoC) and voice of employee (VoE) programs back into businesses, with detailed reporting and in-depth analytic capabilities that provide a framework for companies to understand its customers and employees more fully. To increase experience adoption, Pisano also provides the necessary technology to collect omnichannel feedback and orchestrate close-the-loop mechanisms. Pisano has more than 80 employees reporting to its main office in London.

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