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Customer insights partnerships

Partnerships Announced by Qualtrics, InMoment, Inquba, and Alida

Agreements Deepen Product Capabilities and Sales Reach

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The customer insights and feedback segment saw interesting technology integrations over the past few weeks as well as some partnerships that will further broaden exposure of some well-known solutions in the industry.

InMoment Partners with Inquba

InMoment, a provider of Experience Improvement solutions has partnered with Inquba, a journey management software provider. The partnership has resulted in a solution that will provide a broader view of individual customer journeys, taking into account omnichannel interactions and providing contextual overlays, action anticipation and automated “nudges” to encourage a customer to act. According to Wendy Greenham, Senior Director of Global Partnerships at InMoment, “Today, customer experience insights are not enough. What moves the needle is the ability to drive action and a tangible return on investment. inQuba, like InMoment, goes beyond insights to drive business outcomes for their clients. This partnership will help our joint customers improve acquisition and retention as well as enable reduced cost of service.” Michael Renzon, CEO of inQuba said, “CX leaders are demanding more – the ability to clearly identify experience themes, zoom into the underlying journeys, understand granular customer and segment detail, and change customer behavior and commercial outcomes in real time.” Earlier this year, InMoment announced the layering of intelligence into its XI platform when it launched InMoment AI.

Qualtrics Integrates with SAP Service Cloud

An integration with SAP Service Cloud was announced by Qualtrics, that will leverage Qualtrics XM Discover’s AI and ML capabilities.XM Discover will be used to analyze both structured and unstructured feedback that comes into SAP Service Cloud. This could include the types of unstructured feedback that can be laborious to analyze such as agent notes, support conversations, chat, social media posts, and review sites.Natural language understanding (NLU) will help unearth customer sentiment, emotion, effort, and intent with each touchpoint. This, combined with operational data from SAP, will allow for faster identification of risks and issue, speeding upthe ability to take action. Says Ritu Bhargava, President & CEO of SAP Customer Experience,”Experience Management is foundational for any intelligent and sustainable enterprise, helping them achieve higher levels of customer loyalty. Organizations leveraging the power of SAP Service Cloud and Qualtrics XM Discover can unlock deeper customer understanding, take real-time action to streamline their business processes, ultimately improving the customer experience and increasing life-time value.”

Alida Adds Keyrus to Partner Network

Total experience management provider Alida has added consultancy Keyrus to its Partner Network. Keyrus leverages technology, business strategy and data collection to assist companies that are transforming their CX. This partnership will provide opportunity for Alida’s CX platform to be offered to Keyrus clients in Belgium. “We are excited to partner with Alida to further expand our service and product offering within the Customer Experience domain,” said Werner Mathijs, Director Digital Experience of Keyrus Belgium. “Historically, we have been a trusted partner for data related projects. Building on this trust, we now help our current and future clients improve and automate marketing, sales, customer service & experience processes. For the latter, a partnership with Alida: a proven, yet innovative and disruptive CX platform, is a natural fit.”

Qualtrics Alliance with UPS

Qualtrics and UPS announced an alliance that will allow Qualtrics’ Delighted experience management solution to be available to all UPS small and medium-sized business customers as part of the UPS Digital Connections program. Delighted, a provider of customer feedback solutions, was acquired by Qualtrics in 2018. An example of how the technology could be used is to determine how customers feel about their delivery. The use of Delighted can help tease out which factors result in a positive or negative delivery experience, such as delivery type (in-person, left at door), delay time, delivery day, delivery provider, and more. Reports and alerts are automated so that the correct staff can help customers faster. “Founders and business owners need to continuously listen to their customers and act on their feedback to create meaningful relationships as they scale,” said Caleb Elston, Delighted co-founder and CEO. “Our alliance with UPS will give thousands of new businesses the ability to leverage experience data to connect with customers, predict early trends and stay ahead of the market.”

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