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Oracle employee experience platform

Oracle Introduces End-to-End Employee Experience Platform

The Solution is Part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management Product Suite

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The employee experience (EX) market ecosystem contains a wide variety of technology vendors, some of which focus on large, comprehensive, enterprise-wide solutions, while others have niche offerings in areas such as communications, surveying or rewards and recognition. Oracle has just launched an EX platform that is designed to be an end-to-end platform supporting active employee listening, communications, guided workflows and employee support.   

Oracle ME (My Experience) is comprised of some new modules and some updated ones, and doubles down on personalization by leveraging workforce data. According to Yvette Cameron, senior vice president of global product strategy, Oracle Cloud HCM. “Part of designing better experiences involves seeing employees as unique individuals with their own needs, goals, and ways of getting things done. Oracle ME is all about converging workers’ information, critical insights, workflows, and preferences with a technology-enabled solution to give each individual something they can call ‘my experience’. It’s the only complete employee experience platform focused on understanding the ‘me’ behind every worker, providing organizations new ways to listen to, communicate with, support, and develop their hybrid workforce.”

Oracle ME is encompassed within the Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) suite, and is made of six modules that support managers and employees:

  • Oracle Touchpoints: an employee listening solution, natively developed within Oracle Cloud HCM, that allows managers to regularly capture, track, and act on employee sentiment. By leveraging pulse surveys, managers can get a continuous flow of real-time employee feedback along with recommended next actions to take. The employee engagement center within Oracle Touchpoints offers a single place to define and organize topics for check-ins, review meeting history, provide ongoing feedback, and access suggested actions.
  • Oracle HCM Communicate: an employee outreach solution that allows HR teams to design, send, monitor, and measure the impact of communications. The tool is connected to an organization’s workforce data, making it easier HR teams to design and target personalized communications to groups with highly specific characteristics.
  • Oracle Journeys: a workflow solution that simplifies complex tasks with step-by-step processes and personalized guidance. This supports points along the employee’s journey such as onboarding, returning to work safely, growing career opportunities, managing team compensation, opening a new facility, or applications to deliver guidance for different business needs across the organization.
  • Oracle Connections: an interactive workforce directory and organization chart that makes it easier for employees to search for and connect with others across the organization.
  • Oracle HR Help Desk: a service request management solution for employees to easily find answers, while allowing HR to track cases. Employees can search for content, securely submit inquiries, and open help tickets through multiple channels including Oracle Digital Assistant, SMS, email, and social platforms.
  • Oracle Digital Assistant:  an HR chatbot that provides a conversational interface for employees to get immediate answers to questions and easily complete transactions directly through voice or text. It understands more than 90 prebuilt conversations.

Oracle ME is an open platform and can also connect to and automate processes with third-party systems. It works across multiple channels such as email, SMS, web browser, collaboration tools, and video conferencing.

In an introduction of the new solution by Chris Leone, SVP, Oracle Cloud HCM, Leone put strong emphasis on really getting to know your employees and meeting their unique needs. There are challenges to doing this in a large workforce and having a single source of people data, such as what will be provided by Oracle Me, will help employers give their employees exactly what they need. The overarching goal is for Oracle ME to connect people more tightly with company culture via:

  • Building trust and awareness
  • Guiding employees to success
  • Ensuring every individual feels heard
  • Fostering belonging and growth

Leone says Oracle has strong market momentum in the area of employee experience with several large global organizations using Oracle HCM such as DHL, McDonald’s, Hilton and Albertsons. It is likely the launch of Oracle ME will provide opportunity for deeper partnerships with Oracle’s already deep bench of clients.

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