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Employee experience research studies and surveys

New EX-Related Research from Ceridian, Genpact, Freshworks, and Legion

Focus Areas Include Digital Employee Experience and Technologies, Hourly Workforce Trends, and Expanded Benefits

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The employee experience (EX) ecosystem is comprised of more than just providing opportunities for surveying, and is inclusive of such core areas as feedback and analytics, as well as technologies that support recognition and reward, social impact, and performance management. However, technologies and supporting technologies perhaps a bit outside the very core employee experience are still critical to enhancing and supporting an employee’s day to day journey with their employer. The past few weeks saw some new data come out that focused a lot on the technology experience workers are having (or want to have), and the need to adopt new or refreshed technologies. Gen Z and the dissatisfaction of hourly workers were other research topic areas.

Ceridian: Research Focused on Desired Benefits of North American Workers

“Gone are the days when basic health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans were good enough to attract people to the workforce,” says Seth Ross, General Manager, Dayforce Wallet and Consumer Services, Ceridian. “As we enter the third year of the pandemic, it’s clear that many North Americans, especially the younger population, want employers to support their financial well-being. The market is demanding that employers step up and begin offering modern benefits like on-demand pay to meet the needs of their workforce.”

  • Eighty-three percent of surveyed North Americans wish their employer offered non-health benefits, such as on-demand pay and flexible work arrangements, and – if offered – 82% would feel more loyal to their employers.
  • The Generation Z population that were in the survey parameters (18-34 years old) have particularly increased employee expectations, with 82% wanting a current of future employer to be part of supporting their financial security and well-being.
  • Almost 90% of Gen Z workers had trouble covering expenses between pay periods over the past six months and 88% say this negatively impacts their work.

Freshworks: State of Software at Work Series

“Software used in the workplace is simply not keeping pace with rising employee expectations,” says Stacey Epstein, Chief Marketing Officer at Freshworks. “Our report reveals that sticking with bloated, legacy platforms is materially hurting productivity and the employee experience. This technological inertia couldn’t come at a worse time, as organizations all over the world are battling to keep a handle on both talent shortages and economic uncertainty, creating threats on two fronts.” 

  • Ninety-one percent of employees report being frustrated due to inadequate workplace technology.
  • Top complaints included slow speeds (51%), extended response times from IT teams (34%), lack of collaboration between departments (30%), missing key features/capabilities (28%), and lack of automation (25%).
  • Almost half (49%) of employees report that inadequate workplace technology causes them to feel stressed and 48% claim it has negatively impacted their mental health. Thirty eight percent of business report that their inability to deliver adequate workplace technology to their stakeholders causes them to feel stressed. 

Genpact: Tech for Progress 360 Research Series

“As people adjust to a hybrid world, companies must remember that work requires collaboration and deep human connection — wherever it is performed. Technology can play an important role in supporting a hybrid environment that works for both employees and customers, while delivering long-term business and individual success.” –  Tiger Tyagarajan, chief executive officer, Genpact.

  • Among the respondents whose organizations were the biggest adopters of new technologies during the pandemic, 76% strongly agree that their company can maintain its culture in a hybrid working environment, vs. 35% of others.
  • Executives who report their companies’ business performance improved significantly over the past two years are more likely to see the potential of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics to empower people to learn and grow.
  • Network building, new-hire integration, cross-level relationship building, and effective collaboration are areas that emerged as needed focused areas to maintain a strong employee community and experience.

Legion: 2022 State of the Hourly Workplace

“If companies expect to improve employee attrition in today’s increasingly uncertain economic climate, they need to stop overlooking the hourly manager and employee experience to ensure recent gains are not lost. By having the right technology and tools to automate tasks and improve employee communications, managers can spend more time upskilling and coaching employees to improve both customer and employee experiences.” Sanish Mondkar, CEO and founder, Legion Technologies.

  • Hourly workers are deeply dissatisfied with their jobs, with the report showing an Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), which determines loyalty and satisfaction on a -100 to 100 scale of -7 among hourly employees. Seventy-five percent of those planning to look for a job immediately or within the next 12 months are younger employees (aged 18-24). 
  • Aside from pay, greater recognition and rewards are the incentives most likely to persuade hourly employees to leave and take a new job (58.3%), followed by the flexibility to pick up extra shifts and swap shifts (56.3%).
  • Besides pay, 63% of managers find control and input into work schedules as the greatest incentive for prospective employees they interview, followed by greater transparency into shift assignments and hours given (52.4%).

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