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Employee Experience products

New EX Products: Cezanne HR, WeSpire, Workhuman, and Others

Gifting, Data Visualizations, Feedback Tools, and ERG Management Are Highlighted

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From niche products to end-to-end technology solutions, the technologies supporting employee experience (EX) are many and varied. New product enhancements and announcements focus on pulse surveys, employee gifting, employee resource groups (ERG), data visualizations, integrations, and in-the-moment coaching.

Cezanne HR adds a Pulse Survey Module

UK-based Cezanne HR has added a Pulse Survey module to its HR software suite. John Hixon, Cezanne HR’s Director of R&D, comments, “The subject of engagement is never far away from the thoughts of HR, especially when we consider that right now the number of employees leaving their roles is at its highest since 2009. With Pulse Surveys, HR can easily and effectively track employee sentiment and better understand and enhance the employee experience.” Some features of the module will include real-time analytics, graphical charting of eNPS, mobile-first survey design, and survey anonymity.

HealthCheck360 introduces a Continuous Feedback Tool

HealthCheck360, a provider of population health management and employer wellbeing programs has added in a continuous feedback tool to its solution set. Engage360 can deliver a single, targeted survey question through text or email, which aligns with the employee’s work schedule. Immediate insights are gathered through an administrative dashboard, and questions cover topics like employee satisfaction, diversity, equity, and inclusion, workplace resources, culture, management effectiveness, and more. “People change and evolve constantly, and the traditional annual employee survey doesn’t really address that,” says Michael Kelly, co-Founder and Vice President of HealthCheck360. “We’ve found that shortening the feedback loop by delivering quick, daily or weekly questions to employees and getting that data in front of leadership in real-time supports the company’s ability to take immediate action.”

Reachdesk for People Helps Automate and Track Employee Gifting

Corporate giving platform Reachdesk launched a new internal gifting tool, Reachdesk for People. Internal gifting can help show appreciation, acknowledge, and celebrate key moments, and give culture a boost in an automated and measurable way. This includes personalized swag, customizable marketplace sends and egifts. Reachdesk for People can be integrated into the tools companies are already using. “Keeping employees happy and attracting top talent is more important than ever, especially with people working all over the world in hybrid working environments,” says Temy Mancusi-Ungaro, Chief Executive Officer at Reachdesk. “This new intelligent tool not only benefits employees, but it also benefits every organization’s bottom line. Reachdesk for People is the perfect solution to change the Great Resignation into the Great Recognition globally.”

WeSpire Introduces ERG Management Tools

WeSpire, provider of an employee experience platform for ERG initiatives, announced the general availability of its ERG management tools, designed to easily manage memberships, participation, resources, and communication within their employee communities. These tools are housed within WeSpire’s Inclusive Culture platform, and Akamai Technologies, Eastman and Sanofi are enterprise clients. These tools can be used to enhance communications to and within communities, support ERG leaders to create and publish targeted activities, post and share resources with group members, and access a library of events, campaigns, and leadership development tools.

Akamai saw triple the participation in ERGs across its corporation in its first year of beta testing these tools. “With a truly global workforce where over 95% of employees have the option to work remotely, we’ve invested in modernized technology to drive meaningful connections between our employees,” says Khalil Smith, Vice President, Inclusion, Diversity, and Engagement. “Effectively rolling out WeSpire’s tools has enabled us to tie the growth of our ERGs – which now serve thousands of Akamai employees – to broader company inclusion, diversity, and employee engagement goals.”

Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder and CEO of WeSpire, adds, “Cultivating an inclusive culture is no longer a nice to have for companies – it’s a requirement. We’re providing companies with the digital tools and resources to reduce the administrative load of managing their groups and communities while meeting employee passions.”

Updates Coming to Workhuman’s Cloud Offering

During Workhuman’s Live 2022 event the company introduced upcoming updates to its Workhuman cloud including:

  • Workhuman iQ: This application will include new visualizations, taking into account the more than one billion points of human connections that Workhuman powers. These visualizations will show an organization’s culture over time, pinpointing changes in behavior and patterns.
  • Integrations: Workhuman integrations will allow customers to nominate colleagues, create check-ins, and send feedback without leaving the apps they are already using such as Slack, Outlook, Workday, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer. In addition, Conversations, the company’s continuous performance development platform, will also integrate with Slack.
  • Inclusion Advisor: Workhuman’s in-the-moment coaching tool, Inclusion Advisor, will be expanding in the Workhuman Cloud, with the functionality being incorporated into Conversations, Workhuman’s continuous performance development solution. Inclusion Advisor will be able to identify implicit bias used in everyday workplace language in feedback requests and check-ins.

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