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Merkle B2B Integrates gyro and Merkle|DWA to Create a Full-Service CX Management Offering

Move Brings Together Media and Creative Specialists for Unified Offering

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Customer experience management (CXM) company Merkle Inc. is retiring the individual brand names of business-to-business (B2B) agencies gyro and Merkle|DWA, formally integrating the two specialist media and creative firms into the global media and marketing consortium known as Merkle B2B.

The move is part of Merkle’s continued realignment of its portfolio of B2B agencies into Merkle B2B, which launched in September 2020 as a provider of end-to-end B2B solutions. While gyro and Merkle|DWA, along with three other specialist B2B agencies, were first brought together into Merkle B2B during that period, no firm timeline had been set on full integration as a migratory path was then being explored.

With the assimilation of gyro and Merkle|DWA now complete, the development is “a significant step toward a more innovative and indispensable full-service growth partner for the world’s leading B2B brands,” the news release from Merkle B2B said. “As the market continues to evolve, the brand alignment speaks to changing customer needs, such as broader models and more unified solutions, to raise the bar on customer experiences in the B2B space. The move represents Merkle’s business imperative of organizational adaptiveness, which focuses on delivering end-to-end CXM solutions, maximizing performance and client outcomes,” it added.

Columbia, Maryland-based Merkle is known as a data-driven CXM firm that provides tailored business strategies and a customer-focused approach employing individualized targeting and personalized messaging. In creating Merkle B2B, global CEO Michael McLaren had said in interviews that the idea was to provide clients with unified B2B solutions incorporating technology integration, data and analytics, media and creative services, market research, and marketing automation consulting services.

Merkle B2B has grown 25% in the last 18 months, according to the company. And in the past year, the consortium has won more than 25 marketing and creative awards, including “#1 US Marcomms Agency of 2021” from industry resource B2B Marketing and “Large B2B Agency of the Year” from global media platform and marketing website The Drum.

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