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Oberbeck to Oversee Sales Management and Operations

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Jens Oberbeck, a veteran in the sales and digital marketing world, is the new vice president of sales at Pipedrive, the New York City-based creator of the customer relationship management (CRM) tool and platform of the same name, according to an official news release from the firm.

“I am beyond excited to join Pipedrive,” said Oberbeck, who began his career in digital advertising following graduation from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, a leading institution in the field of applied critical thinking in northern Germany. “I discovered at an early age that I am passionate about sales as it is fun and at the same time, enables me to learn so much about human behavior.”

In his new job, Oberbeck will be responsible for increasing sales, managing sales teams, and maintaining sales operations. “As VP of sales, my focus is to scale Pipedrive’s sales by finding new business opportunities, as well as nurturing relationships with existing customers,” he said.

Pipedrive is a CRM tool and platform used mainly by customer-facing teams, such as sales and marketing, in the small and medium-sized business (SMB) sectors, offering solutions that include communication tracking and sales pipeline management. The company began life as a CRM startup in Estonia in 2010 and was then acquired and taken private in 2020 by Vista Equity Partners, the Texas-based investment firm specializing in technology-enabled companies. The Pipedrive solution is used today by more than 95,000 companies worldwide, its creators say, and in July the company was included among the top 100 software companies of 2021 by media entity The Software Report.

Michael Schrezenmaier, the chief operating officer of Pipedrive, was enthusiastic about Oberbeck joining the company, noting that sales plays a key role in building trust with customers. “I absolutely love Jens’ energy and his approach to running and developing a business,” he said. “Pipedrive will definitely benefit from his wealth of sales, digital marketing, and general management skills.”

Prior to joining Pipedrive, Oberbeck was managing director at Unruly, a video advertising platform, and had been vice president of commercial operations for the DACH region of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland at MiQ, a programmatic media partner for marketer and agencies. Oberbeck has also worked at Amazon, the mobile advertising firms of AdColony and InMobi, and the contextual marketing outfit Vibrant Media.

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