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Shopping center in France

ISC-CX Partners with Properties Manager Neinver

Retail CX Solutions to Optimize Shopping Experience for Europe’s Second Largest Outlet Operator

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ISC-CX, the Basel, Switzerland-based provider of in-store and omnichannel CX analysis programs for retailers worldwide, says it has been selected as the digital company of choice to provide data-driven CX solutions to Neinver S.A.U., the Spanish multinational developer and operator of shopping outlets in Europe.

The solutions will be deployed to optimize the shopping experience and address the changing expectations of shoppers of Neinver, which manages approximately 1,400 shops, 18 outlet centers, 54 retail parks, and more than 800 brands extending across France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and Portugal. Based in Madrid, Neinver is the leading manager of outlet centers in both Spain and Portugal, and is the second largest outlet operator overall in Europe based on the strength of its two proprietary brands, The Style Outlets and Factory. As an investor and developer in Europe of commercial and logistics real estate properties, Neinver also offers facilities management, brokerage, and lease management services for real estate properties on that continent.

Since 2014, a program designed and executed by ISC-CX has been in effect to collect and analyze Neinver data aimed at measuring and continually improving CX. The program will be enhanced overall in 2022, an ISC-CX statement said, without elaborating on what those enhancements might be.

With multilingual local teams on the ground in more than 120 countries, ISC-CX services include the collection and analysis of many millions of datasets per year. During the last two years, it has sped up product development, including investing in artificial intelligence (AI)-powered data analysis technologies. The result, the company said, has been stepped-up versions of all its products, along with an upgraded reporting platform that is able to compare CX programs within one brand.

In a company blog posted in mid-January, Christian Steinhauser, client service director at ISC-CX, said that because the company offers different CX programs, brands can obtain multiple CX programs and run them concurrently. For instance, two options are in place to convey feedback to a store for its improvement. In Direct Feedback, service testers interact like regular customers with a store’s sales associates, and then reveal themselves afterward and provide direct feedback on the interaction to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the sales staff. In Virtual Coaching, stores after a round of service tests can arrange for an online coaching session with ISC-CX that, similar to the Direct Feedback approach, provides a detailed presentation of the service test results, together with a strengths-and-weaknesses analysis.

The biggest benefit in implementing such integrated CX programs is not only better performance, but also increased cohesion in an organization as it creates a culture of top performance, Steinhauser notes in the blog.

“ISC-CX has always been in the coveted position of offering its clients flexibility, speed, and confidentiality due to its proprietary technology,” said ISC-CX Chairman Reinhold Auer. “As shoppers have put health and safety as a top priority in their customer journeys, our technologies and programs capture and measure this CX element along with all the other elements that ensure evolving shopper expectations are met.”

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