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Customer insights and feedback new products

InMoment, Forsta, LivePerson, and Rectangled Introduce New Products

New Solutions Focus on Customer Feedback and Insights

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New product launches over the past month focus on gathering data to better understand the customer journey.

Forsta launches Digital Diaries

Forsta has introduced a mobile app that will be part of the Forsta HX (human experience) Platform. This mobile ethnography app is designed to gather actionable and qualitative insights at scale, and is complementary to Forsta’s desktop customer journey and ethnography solution that has already been in place. The app supports more than fifteen languages, and has local market services in the United States, UK, Europe, Middle East, China, and Australia.

According to Brian Bhuta, Chief Product Officer at Forsta, “Digital Diaries enables the type of deep consumer understanding that can only come with one-on-one interactions with customers sharing their feedback in a way that feels natural to the way they live their lives—on their phones and using text messages, social media and other forms of digital communication. Digital Diaries, Digital Communities, and our other state-of-the-art, qualitative tools are yet another reason why the Forsta HX Platform is the most powerful, innovative, and comprehensive insights technology solution for the CX and market research industries.”

The app benefits companies by allowing them to trace an individual customer journey, discovering insights at each step. In-person focus groups can be recreated on-the-go, using capabilities such as real-time group discussions, digital polls and photo and video uploading. CX professionals can respond to feedback with in-the-moment follow up questions and prompts.

InMoment Updates XI Platform

At the end of June, InMoment announced a fairly significant update to its XI (experience improvement) solution, integrating several technologies to enable a deeper look at consumer expectations, needs and preferences across their lifecycle.

“In order to win in the experience economy, companies need to deliver integrated experiences across the entire customer journey. It’s not just about customer satisfaction, it’s about new customer acquisition, retention, growth, and profitability. It’s not a game of metric watching or even managing. It is about improving,” says Andrew Joiner, CEO at InMoment. “We have made major investments—both through technological innovation and strategic acquisitions, to help our clients be able to design and deliver experience improvement at scale.”

New XI applications that will be integrated include:

  • Product Experience Cloud: An experience ecosystem to help product managers, developers, and UX designers understand friction points that need to be addressed, while also providing customer experience teams with information on how product interaction impacts the larger customer experience.
  • Data Exploration: A search-based text analytics solution that delves into unstructured data from any source for a single combined view of experiences. This is based on key themes, underlying sentiment, relative customer effort, intent and emotion.
  • Spotlight: An AI-based and natural language processing (NLP) power-user application for real-time automated insights discovery
  • Moments: InMoment’s real-time mobile app, built to socialize experience feedback through a curated data feed which can be displayed on your phone or tablet, or through monitor displays in an office environment to help teams drive improvement on the go by sharing feedback, adding experiences to a collection of like comments, and closing the feedback loop to grow stronger customer relationships.
  • ReviewTrackers: The company’s latest acquisition, ReviewTrackers will be integrated into the InMoment CX cloud, and will be available for customer review management in the InMoment MX (market experience) cloud.

InMoment also announced that it made enhancements to existing XI applications, including its survey, reporting and workflow tools.

LivePerson and Celonis Partner for Contact Center Conversation Mining

Customer engagement solution provider LivePerson has introduced a new solution for tracking, measuring, and optimizing customer experiences. This tool has been created in partnership with Celonis, leveraging the company’s Execution Management System.

The new Contact Center Conversation Mining solution, helps to mesh process and conversational data from voice and digital interactions, helping to map out customer journeys across different systems and touchpoints.

“In partnering with Celonis, we’re taking another step toward creating AI-powered customer engagements that feel ‘Curiously Human,’ delivered on any consumer channel,” says Rob LoCascio, founder and CEO of LivePerson. “This new and better way to surface and take advantage of conversational data can help brands improve their performance across both customer care and commerce, meaning they can both cut costs and drive revenue.”

Other benefits mentioned by the companies include:

  • Identifying patterns in customer behavior to understand what drives and impacts their experiences and outcomes
  • Breaking conversations down into segment-level data for visibility into what happens during a journey to deliver optimal outcomes vs those that lead to challenges or poor experiences
  • Leveraging conversational data including sentiment and intent
  • Supporting the ability to act through automation and workflow

“Celonis and LivePerson are uniquely positioned to solve challenges that have caused inconsistent, high-friction experiences between brands and consumers for far too long,” says Rama Vadakattu, SVP of Ecosystem Solutions & Success at Celonis. “Through Contact Center Conversation Mining, LivePerson is providing critical insights into customer experience KPIs like NPS and Agent Effectiveness — and together, we’re helping brands combine conversational insights, process insights, and automation to improve customer experiences.” Launches QR-Code Review Collection is now offering a way to collect reviews via QR codes, without regard to platform. The company, founded in 2019 already offers a review management platform, as well as other CX technologies, such as a customer journey mapping solution and TruForms Surveys.

Siddartha Dey, Founder of, says, “In a world where businesses are trying to stay ahead of their competitors, reviews help brands stand shoulder to shoulder with established players and create a positive niche in people’s minds. It also helps brands analyze customer estimation and expectations. These insights are instrumental in strategizing future plans and improving services. plays a pivotal role in customer journey mapping.”

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Customer insights and feedback new products

InMoment, Forsta, LivePerson, and Rectangled Introduce New Products

New product launches over the past month focus on gathering data to better understand the customer journey. Forsta launches Digital Diaries Forsta has introduced a mobile app that will be part of the Forsta HX (human experience) Platform….

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