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EX News from Gloat, Gympass, TaskHuman, Thrive Global, Quantum Workplace, and Workhuman

Recent Announcements Focused on Feedback, Mentoring, Wellness, DEI, and Consulting

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Gloat Adds Feedback Functionality to Platform

Gloat has expanded its AI-Powered Talent Marketplace platform by adding My Team, a tool which enables managers to convey feedback to employees in real time. The feature allows managers and employees a view into skill gaps at both a macro and personalized level.

“For the modern employee, their performance is more sophisticated than annual scores and ratings,” says Ayala Michelson, vice president of product and analytics at Gloat. “Our platform is building dynamic connection points that align to the unique strengths, interests, and opportunity areas for each employee. My Team creates the structure and support needed to facilitate the varied and rich career paths today’s employees are looking for.”

The My Team tool will allow for:

  • Team Insights: Holistic insight into the team’s top skill strengths gaps, supporting workforce planning
  • Team Skill Landscape: Real-time insights, leveraging AI, on how each employee’s skills compare to role and industry standards, giving employees continuous guidance on how to meet and exceed their development goals
  • Team Members:  A view for managers of the employee’s current development goals and hopes, as well as tools to recommend skills to work on, future roles to consider, and curated development tracks
  • Skill Strength: Employees can self-rate their skill proficiency level, and compare against their manager’s rating to ease transparent development conversations.

Gympass and Thrive Global Partner to Expand Access to Wellbeing Tools

Employee wellbeing platform provider Gympass has formed a partnership with Thrive Global, resulting in Gympass members now having access to Thrive Global’s full platform of continuous, real-time wellbeing tools embedded right into employee workflow.

“As uncovered by Gympass’ recent State of Work-Life Wellness report, 77% of respondents would consider leaving a company that doesn’t focus on wellbeing,” says Cesar Carvalho, co-founder and CEO of Gympass. “Our partnership with Thrive Global deepens our commitment to help companies address the crisis of wellbeing in their workplace by providing data-driven tools and resources for employees around the world to take control of their overall wellbeing.”

“Thrive Global and Gympass are aligned in our mission to end the stress and burnout epidemic,” says Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global. “Our whole-human approach helps employees improve every aspect of their lives, from their physical and mental health to their relationships and productivity. We’re thrilled to join Gympass and reach employees on a greater scale.”

The Thrive platform continuously delivers real-time stress reducing tools, storytelling, and science backed Microsteps to help people build better habits. A daily Pulse check prompts employee reflection about their well-being, delivered via the platforms they are already using, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams. Pulse check gives employees personalized, in-the-moment recommendations to help them improve their wellbeing and supplies company leaders anonymized, real-time insights into their staff’s wellbeing, resilience, and risk of burnout.

Mentorship Platform Introduced by TaskHuman

TaskHuman, provider of a 1:1 digital coaching platform, is now offering a mentorship platform that enables employees to connect to as many mentors as they want in a variety of focus areas. Users can view suggested mentors’ skills and expertise areas and choose the person best matched to their needs. Anytime access through the platform is enabled for guidance when it is most needed via 1:1 video calls. The network of specialists leveraged covers over 1,000 aspects of daily, personal, and professional life. The mentorship platform can be purchased as a standalone solution or as an addition to TaskHuman’s Leadership and Sales Coaching offerings at no additional price.

“This new platform extends our ability to provide a world-class coaching experience that builds up people across both their professional and personal lives, while boosting productivity,” says Matt Prostko, Head of Sales, TaskHuman. “We are addressing a dire market need and providing an offering unlike anything else available today. By combining our global network of vetted coaches with organizations’ own leaders and high performers, we create the most robust and simple on-demand coaching experience and drive impact for organizations and their employees at scale.”

Quantum Workplace Partners with Kaleidoscope Group

Quantum Workplace has partnered with The Kaleidoscope Group, a DEI consulting firm. This relationship will allow customers access to the subject matter expertise of Kaleidoscope and the employee listening, performance feedback, and workforce analytics offered by Quantum Workplace.

“We have strong alignment when it comes to our organizational values,” Quantum Workplace Director of Business Development Luke Stritt says. “Organizational focus on DEI is critical to employee success. The Kaleidoscope Group are the experts in the DEI space, helping to transform organizations and make the workplace better.” 

“Quantum Workplace has decades of experience in creating technology that better captures and leverages the employee voice,” The Kaleidoscope Group Senior Vice President for Assessment Practice Mary Hunter says. “Their technology pairs well with the DEI expertise we bring to the table, to ensure the employee voice is heard, DEI efforts are supported, and organizations are transformed for business success.” 

Workhuman Launches Consulting Practice and Announces Completion of Workday Certified Integration

Workhuman, which is already a Workday certified software provider, announced that it recertified its Workday integration so that customer can continue to easily connect Workday HCM and Workhuman Cloud. This allows for straightforward access to Workhuman’s Social Recognition, Celebrations, and Conversations features, right in an employee workflow.

“Workhuman’s integration with Workday HCM adds the transformative power of recognition and reward into an organization’s existing business processes, extending systems that the HR team is dependent on instead of replacing them,” says Chris Campbell, chief product officer at Workhuman. “By combining the industry’s best recognition platform with Workday HCM, HR leaders now have the unique experience of boosting company culture and morale with recognition and providing the HR team with a more insightful view of each employee and how they are valued by their colleagues and teammates.”

Due to this integration, recognition and rewards data is collected for workers who reside in Workday HCM and a link is created between the two systems where Workday is the system of record for foundational and organizational worker data and Workhuman manages the solution rewards and recognition programs.

Additionally, Workhuman announced the newly formed Workhuman Consulting Practice, providing customers with support to build and execute employee recognition strategies. The Workhuman Consulting Practice includes:

  • Strategic Advisors: Former HR practitioners and experts to keep customer programs on-time and within budget
  • Subject Matter Experts: Specialists across HR topics and experts in recognition and performance provide program strategies, design, and best practices
  • Workhuman iQ: Data insights revealing the reasons behind program results and how to interpret them to improve business outcomes
  • Communication Experts: Strategic communicators deliver campaign strategies, roadmaps, and internal communications templates
  • Change Management: Change experts and program managers help customers implement new or different approaches that will directly impact employees

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