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Employee Experience product announcements

EX Announcements from Betterworks, Qualtrics, Quantum Workplace, and Others

Solutions for Employee Engagement, Learning, Feedback, and Turnover are Highlighted

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Altimetrik Launches Employee Engagement App

Altimetrik has introduced a comprehensive employee engagement app that leverages usage-based personalization, AI, and gamification.

The DEX app connects all enterprise systems and provides a more unified and self-serviceable experience to users. It covers the entire employee lifecycle with scenario-based services and offers workflows, curated content, and notifications intended on creating connections. The company is white-labeling the offering to its customers.

“With the enormous shift to digital, we wanted to connect the underlying systems required for a one-stop shop for employee services, a unified and positive experience that is real-time, action-oriented, and personalized,” says Altimetrik’s ​​Ganesh Raj Mohan Parimelazhagan, Head of Global Technology, Platforms, IT, and Innovation. “We are confident that DEX will develop employees who are overwhelmingly committed, empowered, and energized.”

Betterworks Partners with LinkedIn Learning

Enterprise performance management solution provider Betterworks is partnering with LinkedIn Learning. The integration will allow LinkedIn Learning courses to be launched from within Betterworks, enabling learning progress and outcomes to be easily linked to performance goals. When employees create goals with key results in Betterworks that are linked directly to a LinkedIn Learning course, their goal progress is automatically updated in real time in Betterworks. Managers can see employees’ progress with courses and track course completion rates.

“The whole point of professional learning is to be able to acquire new skills and perform at a higher level,” says Arnaud Grunwald, Chief Product Officer at Betterworks. “Given our customers’ priority to develop and retain their talent while executing on their strategy, linking employee learning with the performance enablement process became an innovation priority for us. Seamlessly integrating various aspects of Betterworks and LinkedIn Learning shows employees what kind of impact their development has on their success and the success of their organization.”

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Poppulo Brand and Platform Announced

Digital signage provider Four Winds Interactive (FWI), workplace management company SmartSpace, and employee communications provider Poppulo merged in 2021 and are now unified by the brand Poppulo. The company will be offering its customers a platform called Poppulo Harmony, which will consist of technologies from all three companies. Poppulo Harmony offers personalized, in-the-moment employee communications via email, digital signage and a mobile app.

“The name Poppulo comes from the Latin word for people—populus,” says David Levin, CEO of the new Poppulo. “Connecting people is at the heart of everything we do as an organization. Today, we introduced customers to the Poppulo Harmony platform, which combines the greatest strengths of the products that made them communication leaders in their own spaces. Successful companies know the extent to which employee experience defines the customer experience and the financial bottom line—and that communication is key to both.”

Qualtrics Announces Manager Assist

Qualtrics has introduced a new platform, Manager Assist, that supports a manager’s ability to listen, understand, and act on feedback from their own teams, in real time. The product will be available in early 2023.

“Most people leave their jobs as a result of their managers, so we’re enabling managers to become the heroes of the employee experience,” says Brad Anderson, Qualtrics president of products and engineering. “Manager Assist puts the power of data into the hands of managers to understand how their teams are feeling and the experience their employees are having, and then empowers them to take the right actions to keep their teams working efficiently and effectively while also avoiding costly employee attrition.”

This solution combines the critical data managers need in one place, analyzing feedback employees give via engagement surveys, and, with Qualtrics Discover, what employees are saying on public channels. Further, by using Qualtrics’ XM Benchmarks managers can determine their biggest risks and opportunities based on the billions of data points on Qualtrics’ XM Platform. Trends can be viewed by geography and industry and automated recommendations are sent so quickly and appropriate action can be taken. Collaboration and action planning tools are also on the platform.

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Quantum Workplace Introduces Turnover Dashboards

According to Quantum Workplace data, one in three employees said their departure from their last organization was preventable, and 62% of employees discussed their decision to leave with a manager or coworker prior to leaving. Turnover rates are still high, and Quantum Workplace is launching Turnover Dashboards to help human resources better determine retention strategies.

The dashboard combines data from employee lifecycle surveys with HRIS data to find the root causes of turnover, which employees are a retention risk and what changes might help. This capability is now found within Quantum Workplace’s Intelligence Dashboard.

“Now, more than ever, HR needs a partner to provide insight into what is going on deep within their organization so they can make more informed decisions and mitigate unwanted turnover,” Quantum Workplace CEO Greg Harris says “The Turnover Dashboards make it easy to visualize and explore historical data and predict turnover, empowering leaders at every organization with easy-to-digest information so they can build a culture that attracts and retains top talent.” 

UKG Partners with Microsoft and Launches FleX Platform

Microsoft and UKG have partnered to embed UKG solutions into systems of engagement and communication that workers are already using. There will now be a single interface for UKG Dimensions and Shifts the schedule management application within Teams.

“The UKG Dimensions integration with the Shifts app in Microsoft Teams helps the workforce simplify scheduling and time management, all on one single, secure pane of glass,” says Nicole Herskowitz, vice president of Microsoft Teams and Platform. “With over 2 billion frontline workers globally, we have a unique opportunity to provide digital solutions to address the needs of this workforce who has been traditionally underserved.”

Workers can view and accept open shifts, request time off, punch in and out, and complete other workforce management tasks directly from Teams. “We foresee a future of HR technology where people are able to focus on what they need to achieve and how to make the biggest impact instead of which business application they need to use to complete frequent and routine tasks,” says Chris Todd, CEO at UKG. “By removing this friction from the workplace experience, we’ll help our tens of thousands of customers continue to positively transform work for their people every single day.”

Additionally, UKG has introduced a new technology platform, FleX. The platform includes a component called FleX Fabric, which is focused on behavior AI that is powered by the data from UKG’s human capital management and workforce management solutions. The analysis delivers real-time insights, recommendations, reminders, and nudges.

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