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CX customer wins and case studies

Customer Wins: HappyOrNot, Emplifi, Avtex Solutions, Satisfyd, and 3CLogic

Partnerships Prove Advantageous for Lexus Manila, Pleasure-Way, Georgia Technology Authority, Berry Companies, and Denny’s

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This new roundup of customer wins includes two automotive-related success stories from overseas: the collaboration between Finnish terminals manufacturer HappyOrNot with Lexus Manila in the Philippines, and the partnership of Ohio software firm Emplifi with Canadian luxury RV maker Pleasure-Way. The three other wins represent formidable pairings involving large-sized companies: TTEC’s Avtex Solutions with the state of Georgia’s Technology Authority agency; equipment sales and rental firms Satisfyd and Berry Companies; and major voice-enabling solution provider 3CLogic and restaurant chain Denny’s. Details follow.

HappyOrNot is Lexus Manila Partner for Collecting CX Feedback Data

HappyOrNot, the company from Finland that makes terminals for measuring customer satisfaction and providing instant feedback, is partnering with Lexus Manila, the luxury vehicle retailer responsible for sales and distribution of the Lexus brand across the Philippines.

The Smiley Touch terminals of HappyOrNot will enable Lexus to collect and analyze CX feedback data in its showroom and service center. With in-moment data analytics and automated reports, customer service and senior management teams at Lexus will be able to pinpoint issues, uncover causes, and formulate data-informed improvements. 

Through HappyOrNot terminals, Lexus can streamline and bolster its feedback collection processes, with 24/7 access to online quick-view summaries and instant performance breakdowns. HappyOrNot also offers an interactive and anonymous way to collect high-volume, in-moment customer feedback intended to enable Lexus to track customer satisfaction levels and help the vehicle retailer achieve its long-term CX goals.

Founded in 2009, HappyOrNot has a reseller network of more than 100 companies and serves 4,000 brands across 135 countries, including Levi’s Stadium and London Heathrow Airport.  

Emplifi Partners with Pleasure-Way to Drive Luxury RV Sales

Emplifi, the Columbus, Ohio-based software company with a platform to help users with CX operations for social media, sales, and marketing, is partnering with Pleasure-Way Industries, the Canadian manufacturer of recreational vehicles (RVs), to provide an immersive shopping experience designed to drive sales.

Pleasure-Way is deploying Emplifi’s live streaming technology in a strategy to showcase its line of luxury RVs while simultaneously supporting the desire of its customer base to conduct research before making an expensive purchase. By providing live streaming, Emplifi is using video to recreate an in-person experience that enables customers to tour the vehicle, ask questions, and get expert advice before choosing a model.

With the integration of live streaming, Pleasure-Way has been able to improve its customer satisfaction score to a rating of 4.8/5. Pleasure-Way also boasts an impressive 10-minute talk-time on average in chatting with customers and keeping them engaged, a rate more than twice the industry standard average talk time of 4.5 minutes. The high scores achieved by Pleasure-Way emphasize the importance of Emplifi’s live streaming solution in enabling customers to purchase the company’s luxury RVs with confidence, Pleasure-Way executives say.  

Emplifi is the CX platform provider of more than 7,000 brands, including Delta Air Lines, the Ford Motor Company, and McDonalds. 

TTEC’s Avtex Solutions is Awarded Contract by Georgia Technology Authority

Avtex Solutions, the Minnesota-based CX consulting firm and a subsidiary of global CX services provider TTEC, has been awarded a contract with Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) for hosted contact center services as part of the southern state’s GTA Direct Program.

Under the contract, Avtex will provide contact center services to local governments, agencies, and schools, while also helping replace on-premise systems with cloud computing services to increase engagement, expand services, and strengthen operational efficiency. The company will be partnering with Genesys, the provider of CX and call center solutions based in California, to leverage the Genesys Cloud platform and offer solutions aimed at meeting or exceeding industry-standard security practices.

Through GTA Direct, Avtex has created an easy-to-use procurement vehicle for state and local governments and educational agencies to obtain the hosted contact center solutions they need to keep organizations scalable, efficient, and secure. Utilizing the Genesys Cloud platform, Avtex will provide hosted services, automatic call distribution, auto attendant and integrated voice response, reporting and analytics, call recording and customer surveys.

The GTA Direct program provides a quick path to managed IT services from pre-qualified providers and makes those services available to Georgia statewide agencies, local governments, colleges and universities, and boards of education. Contracts for hosted contact center services provide Georgia state agencies and other public-sector entities with access to a choice of new technology solutions at competitive prices.

Satisfyd and Berry Companies Announce Enterprise-Level Partnership

Satisfyd, the Illinois-based CX and employee experience (EX) specialist for large manufacturers and equipment dealers, says its Voice of the Customer (VoC) program will be leveraged by Berry Companies across the eight divisions and 46 locations of the Kansas-headquartered heavy construction equipment sales and rental company.

Following a successful program with Berry Companies dealer KC Bobcat that surveyed 6,200 customers in 2021, Berry Companies elected to extend the program to an enterprise-level effort aimed at obtaining optimal customer satisfaction across all locations. The 2021 program at KC Bobcat resulted in industry-leading Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and a Satisfyd 2022 Top Dealer Award. For 2022, Satisfyd and Berry Companies anticipate surveying more than 50,000 customers as the VoC program launches across all Berry Companies dealerships.

Satisfyd’s Voice of the Customer is a turnkey customer survey and reporting solution that enables dealers to connect with their customers to monitor in-store experiences. Satisfyd manages survey design and distribution, as well as data collection and analysis, notifying clients of issues that are raised in customer responses so that dealerships can address them in a timely manner. Satisfyd also provides dealership and enterprise-level summary data, including analysis of trends and recommendations for business improvements.

3CLogic is Denny’s Choice to Support Operations

3CLogic, the Maryland-based provider of a voice-enabling solution for cloud platforms, has been selected by Denny’s to support the restaurant chain’s IT technical services, guest services, and human resource (HR) operations, and its more than 3,000 employees in approximately 1,600 locations.

Leveraging ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) to manage employee incidents and HR requests, Denny’s signaled its need for an intelligent voice solution capable of complementing the company’s existing use of ServiceNow digital channels and workflows for a consistent omnichannel EX. Denny’s also required more advanced ServiceNow-integrated reporting capabilities to reduce the amount of manual effort needed to generate real-time insights into the health of its contact center operations and employee interactions.

Denny’s chose 3CLogic for its seamless integration with ServiceNow, which allows Denny’s employees to work within a single platform, saving valuable time and cost via call deflection, automation of incident creation, and simplification of call reporting and analytics.

Denny’s executives emphasized the importance of providing employees with the proper level of support, noting that enterprises investing in optimizing EX will quickly see a return in the form of improved employee performance, retention, and positive impact to the overall bottom line. Denny’s was voted a Newsweek Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces in 2021.

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