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Customer Data Platform News from Acquia, Tealium, Meiro, and Appier

Product Enhancements Gain Ground and CDP Partnerships Proliferate

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Acquia Launches CDP Enhancements

Acquia, the open digital experience company, has introduced enhancements to its customer data platform (CDP) that strengthen the product’s central role in composable customer data strategies.

The Acquia CDP now includes a unified data layer that allows for centralized storage of customer data, lowering system costs and helping ensure better data quality; direct SQL access, which allows data scientists to retrieve analytics, insights, and data in the Acquia CDP; and integration with the company’s digital asset management (DAM) system, for customers to use existing marketing content and strategies across both of the company’s CDP and DAM platforms.

“A key tenet of any composable digital experience strategy is the ability to work with data across systems,” says Jim Idelson, vice president of product at Acquia. “We look for every opportunity to expand integrations between Acquia CDP and other martech systems, and to make it easy for organizations to make full use of their data, while respecting the privacy and preferences of their own customers.” Additional enhancements from Acquia are expected later this year that are designed to support customer self-service and broader integrations.

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Tealium Partners with Deloitte; Releases Identity Partner Ecosystem

CDP provider Tealium has joined forces with global professional services firm Deloitte to provide brands with more opportunities to unlock consent-based data and gain a competitive edge in a privacy-first era. As key players in the sphere of privacy and consent, Tealium and Deloitte have released a white paper and centralized solution for real-time consent management.

Entitled Consumer Data Right: The New Value Exchange, the white paper outlines the market implications of disruptive data privacy regulations, as well as the corresponding commercial opportunities that new or amended regulations create for brands. The white paper also touches on the importance of building a consent-management architecture that can offset losses in revenue and market share because of the ineffective mobilization of data.

The centralized consent management solution will offer organizations an agile consent and preferences capability that produces differentiated CX in line with real-time consent status. Moreover, the solution is customizable to solve a wide array of unique customer and compliance requirements to enable privacy readiness. Building brand trust and decreasing regulatory risk will be essential to commercial viability as customer demands and compliance requirements heighten, both companies say.

Tealium andDeloitte have successfully implemented the centralized consent management solution at Australian retailer Kmart, which used Tealium’s CDP to deploy the Australian market’s first consent accelerator. With Deloitte’s strategic support, Kmart resolved its data fragmentation issue to enable countless scenarios in consent-first omnichannel experience activation. Within six months, Kmart achieved a 200% increase in its consenting customer base, with the company’s competitive advantage strengthened through a higher-quality audience that is more likely to convert, note Kmart officials.

Tealium also recently launched Identity Partner Ecosystem, which contains new features that provide customers with enriched identity capabilities and increased access to integrations with leading identity providers. Specifically, Identity Partner Ecosystem provides visibility into unknown visitors to personalize experiences, and appends first- and third-party data to enrich customer profiles. It also cleanses first-party data to refine core, foundational data while also activating addressable audiences, filling the gaps left by third-party cookies.

With companies shifting digital strategies to find new ways of delivering personalized experiences because of the deprecation of third-party cookies, Tealium’s partnerships with major identity providers give businesses the option to merge their first- and third-party data with Tealium’s AudienceStream CDP profiles in real time and at scale, says Josh Wolf, director of  partner solutions consulting at Tealium.

Meiro Teams Up with Labrys

Meiro, the provider of a CDP built in Singapore and focused heavily on Asian markets, marketing automation, and advanced analytics, has formed a strategic partnership with consultancy firm Labrys to deliver data-driven, personalized CX. Headquartered in Istanbul, Labrys is a digital growth partner and consultant for global Fortune 500 brands, combining marketing and business expertise with technological know-how.

The strategic partnership aims to drive business value for the long term.

“The Meiro–Labrys partnership is an exciting step forward for us,” says Jana Marle-Zizkova, Meiro co-founder and CEO. “Together, we harness the full potential of digital transformation to rapidly deliver scalable and cost-effective solutions for ad and marketing budget optimization and increasing revenue streams. We place our clients on a solid path to success in an ever-fluctuating digital business landscape.”

Appier Launches AI-Powered CDP Airis

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) company Appier has launched Airis, its next-generation CDP aimed at helping brands and retailers increase customer engagement through faster time-to-insight capabilities. “Obtaining insights from data in the shortest time possible is a major pain point for enterprises and marketers,” says Chih-Han Yu, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Taiwanese-based Appier. Airis, he adds, will enable enterprises to achieve seamless data integration and faster data-to-visualization, identify customers with precision, and tailor prediction models to strengthen and elevate customer relationships.

Brands and marketers can also benefit from Airis in other ways, the company asserts. For instance, given the current restrictions on the use of third-party data, Airis is able to leverage first-party data instead, as well as integrate various data sources, including existing cloud databases, online and offline sales data, and user data across web, app, messenger, and more than 50 external platforms to establish user-centric customer views for companies to tailor more personalized marketing strategies.

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The launch of Airis follows the company’s acquisition in October of Woopra, a customer analytics service headquartered in San Francisco that builds detailed customer profiles in real time. Airis combines the capabilities of Appier’s Aixon data science platform with the data analytics and data visualization competences of Woopra to help enterprises turn data into insight, and insights into action and results, according to Appier executives. Airis is offered across Asia Pacific in English, Japanese, and traditional Chinese, with various scalable pricing packages available for enterprises of all sizes.

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