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Contact Center News from Amazon Connect, Dixa, Genesys, TalkDesk, and Zoom

Product Enhancements, Integrations, and Partnerships Announced to Expand CX Capabilities

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Amazon Connect Introduces New Functionalities

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles now allow agents to view additional customer information from Customer Profiles that are stored in the Connect Agent Application. This allows for more personalized interactions and problem resolution. Companies can bring in customer data from multiple SaaS applications and databases into a single customer profile.

Additionally, Amazon Connect is now offering an API to programmatically start supervisor monitoring on an ongoing contact. Contact center supervisors can now monitor conversations in progress between agents and customers by selecting which conversations to monitor via the real-time metrics page in Amazon Connect.

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Dixa Launches Dixa Discover

Conversational customer service platform provider Dixa has announced a new analytics suite, Dixa Discover. The offering brings together agent performance data, customer insights, quality assurance, and business insights in a new suite of analytics tools. It is a no-code, easy to use solution that can enable data access across the organization. Service agents, team leads, managers, and other business stakeholders will be able to tap into a wealth of data, enabling more informed action on decisions.

“We didn’t want to create a complicated tool that makes customers put on an explorer hat and go out hunting for relevant data,” says Rob Krassowski, Chief Product Officer at Dixa. “Most analytics offerings on the market are too complex for the majority of people that would benefit. Dixa Discover brings insightful and actionable discoveries directly to customers. You shouldn’t need a degree in data science or experience writing SQL queries to be able to leverage data to make better business decisions.”

HGS and Genesys Partner

Genesys, an omnichannel CX and contact center solution provider, has partnered with Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS), a provider of customer engagement, digital CX and business process management solutions. This partnership spans both CX and EX, as the companies will be working together to improve interactions for both customers and the employees that support them.

A goal of the partnership is for companies to move toward empathic, virtual CX. Genesys’ platform is enterprise-ready, and enables the delivery of AI-powered, personalized experiences leveraging employees from work-at-home, hybrid, or traditional in-center locations. HGS chose to work with Genesys because the company focuses heavily on agent experience, as well as delivering a positive customer experience.

“In today’s complex business environment, it’s critical for organizations to scale empathy to create loyalty,” says Ken Archer, SVP of Emerging Partners and Markets, at Genesys. “Through our end-to-end experience orchestration capabilities and partners like HGS, we’re reaching new depths of the market to help more organizations provide unmatched customer and employee experiences.”

The combination of HGS and Genesys abilities will offer benefits such as:

  • Helping customers create their own experiences
  • Giving end users access to channels they prefer
  • Empowering agents with the right tools to get tasks completed quickly, easily, and efficiently
  • Reducing attrition by focusing on agent happiness
  • Establishing the right balance of people and technology to enhance interactions
  • Increasing the number of interactions customers have with brands, creating more positive experiences, and driving more customer loyalty

Talkdesk Expands Talkdesk Builder

Cloud contact center solution provider Talkdesk introduced two new features to its Talkdesk Builder suite, Talkdesk Automation Designer and Talkdesk Workspace Designer. Talkdesk Builder is a suite of low-code and no-code customization tools that allow organizations to develop and customize the contact center they desire, allowing companies to maximize existing resources.

“Most organizations want to prioritize CX innovation and recognize the need to transform their contact centers, but they’re encountering hurdles,” says Charanya Kannan, chief product, engineering, and customer officer at Talkdesk. “Through our Builder portfolio and new tools like Automation Designer and Workspace Designer, Talkdesk is creating smarter ways for them to eliminate the barriers to contact center customization and bypass expensive, lengthy development cycles. Now they can achieve their CX goals faster, while also outpacing the competition.”

Automation Designer is a no-code, point-click-publish tool that allows frontline workers to design AI-powered automations across a customer journey. It allows for dynamic conversation flows to be built that can intelligently respond to and resolve customer queries, as well as simplified process creation for frontline users to instantly define and launch workflows and optimize business processes.

Workspace Designer is a low-code tool that can be leveraged by IT teams and business users to design, modify, and launch customized user interfaces for each contact center role.

Zoom Announces Partnerships, Integrations, and New Agent Tool

Zoom had several contact center-related announcements over the past month. At Zoomtopia 2022, the company announced Zoom Virtual Agent, an intelligent conversational AI and chatbot solution that uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to understand and solve issues for customers. Zoom Virtual Agent can work on multiple support channels and will be available in early 2023. It can be fully integrated with Zoom Contact Center and will also be offered as a standalone chatbot solution.

On the partnership front, an integration with CallMiner was announced that will help customers to continuously measure, report on, and improve CX. The integrations concern Zoom Contact Center and Zoom Phone and expand the conversation types that can be taken in and analyzed by CallMiner.

“Organizations are having conversations with their customers on more channels than ever before,” says Paul Bernard, President and CEO of CallMiner. “By introducing new integrations with Zoom, CallMiner is making it easier to not only capture and analyze customer interactions wherever they occur, but also combine them with other calls, chats, emails and more to gain deeper insights into customer behaviors, patterns, and trends. These insights make it possible to improve customer experience and outcomes across the enterprise.”

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Another partnership between Verint and Zoom was also launched. This expanded partnership focuses on the additional integration of the Verint Customer Engagement Platform with Zoom Contact Center. Verint Data Management solutions are integrated with Zoom Phone and Zoom Meetings to enable businesses to capture, archive, analyze, ensure compliance, and retrieve interactions. The expanded partnership will connect the Verint Platform to Zoom’s set of Contact Center APIs.

“Verint and Zoom have a shared goal to help businesses deliver better customer and employee engagement,” says Oded Gal, chief product officer at Zoom. “Zoom Contact Center helps businesses deliver prompt, accurate, and highly personalized responses to their customers on the trusted Zoom platform. When combined with the Verint Platform enterprises can improve employee experience and performance in the contact center, back-office, and branch teams.”

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