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Alchemer Customer Feedback Platform

Alchemer’s Customer Feedback Platform Finds Favor with Amdocs

The Voice of the Customer Program From Alchemer Helps Amdocs Drive Actionable Insights

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Alchemer, the survey software provider headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, says its customer feedback platform has found a home at global business services firm Amdocs, which leverages Alchemer’s voice of the customer (VoC) technology as part of an effective CX strategy to arrive at actionable insights.

For Alchemer, the company formerly known as SurveyGizmo, the use of its customer technology by Missouri-based Amdocs amounts to a potent testimonial. Amdocs uses the Alchemer Enterprise Feedback Platform to collect customer feedback across multiple communications channels in more than 50 countries.

Feedback and other data are obtained through surveys sent out via email, and the survey is then supplemented with one-on-one interviews to ensure assemblage of both qualitative and quantitative data. Last year, Amdocs collected and analyzed feedback from 1,669 respondents, resulting in more than 60 account-improvement plans that used the feedback to lay out a course of action to enhance Amdocs customer service, according to Alchemer executives.

Tzachi Ben-Sasson, head of global VoC at Amdocs, says the company takes pride in how it listens and acts on customer feedback. “We like to say that we put our money where our customers’ mouths are,” Ben-Sasson offered. “The actionable insight we regularly gain from our customers drives our business decisions, assuring we listen, act, and adapt to our customers’ needs.”

Ryan Tamminga, product and services senior vice president at Alchemer, said CX forms the critical component of effective business operations. “It is great to see our customers, like Amdocs, using the Alchemer platform as the foundation for such an innovative VoC solution, truly creating a culture where action is continuously taken based on feedback and insights,” Tamminga remarked.

Alchemer, founded in 2006, operates a flexible feedback and data collection platform that the company says is recognized for its ease of implementation and low-code design. The firm serves more than 15,000 global customers and 30% of the Fortune 500.

Amdocs, established in 1982, specializes in software and services for digital enterprises and for communications, media, and financial services providers. The company’s offerings include business support systems (BSS), operational support systems (OSS), open network solutions, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data analytics, and entertainment and media solutions.

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