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Alchemer, Content Guru, Medallia, Others Launch New Products, Enhancements

Customer Insights and Feedback Solutions Focus on Data Security, Survey Channel Expansion, Automation, Customization, Dashboards, and Analytics

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The past few years have seen an explosion in customer data type and channel options, and providers in the customer insights and feedback segment have responded by offering a wide range of comprehensive solutions to support not just engaging and easy to set up data collection, but also sophisticated data analytics, insight generation, relevant dashboards, and tools to enable those insights to turn into action. Recent product announcements and enhancements in this segment focus on many of these capabilities.

Alchemer Broadens Data Security

CX and enterprise technology provider Alchemer has expanded its enterprise-strength data security to include enhanced, proactive protection against phishing. This is designed to help customer and survey respondents have broader protection against suspicious data gathering activities. In addition to complying with internationally recognized security and privacy regulations, the feature uses multiple layers of internal and third-party features, controls, and technologies to meet the highest security standards. “Our customers and their customers must trust in the legitimacy of surveys in the market. Alchemer’s advanced anti-phishing artificial intelligence stops bad actors in their tracks – building trust in Alchemer and more broadly, in our industry,” says Michael Kleck, Chief Information Security Officer at Alchemer. “Alchemer is fiercely committed to information security and privacy, from our ISO and SOC certifications to our access controls to our constant monitoring and prevention efforts. This new capability expands on our industry-leading focus and capabilities.”

Content Guru Expands Survey Channels

Cloud communications provider Content Guru will be making its storm ASK surveying tool available across additional channels, including web chat (this month) as well as a range of social media channels (including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) later in the year. Surveys are already available using voice, email, SMS, and internet. According to Martin Taylor, Deputy CEO and Co-Founder of Content Guru, ”This development adds to the voice and digital channels already supported by stormASK, enhancing the functionality provided and further ensuring organisations can maximise customer satisfaction across multiple channels. Our storm solution is omnichannel by design, so expanding this module to reflect that is key to ensuring our clients can fully engage with their customers to continually improve their service.”

Medallia Partners with Northwestern Medical

CX and employee experience provider Medallia, Inc. and Northwestern Medical have co-developed a new Medallia Magnet Solution designed to automate the manual surveying and reporting work that goes along with achieving and maintaining Magnet designation, and provide hospitals with insights to help improve patient experience. “Medallia’s Magnet solution will help hospitals deploy modern survey channels to automatically capture and share data across the organization, identify areas of improvement, close the loop faster, and address patient service recovery at scale,” says Toni Land, Head of Clinical Healthcare Experience, Medallia. The new solution will include a real time feedback mechanism that can capture patient experiences across the entire patient journey, 40+ American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) approved survey questions, comparison benchmarks and reports.

UserTesting Allows for More Customization

UserTesting, a provider of video-based human insight, has added new features as part of a quarterly product release. The update allows companies to customize machine learning-generated insights, adding their own customer terminology. Additionally, UserTesting has an integration with Fuel Cycle Inc., a market research cloud, that allows users to have the ability to reach and manage networks of their own customers via Fuel Cycle communities directly within the UserTesting Human Insight Platform. According to CTO Kaj van de Loo, “UserTesting is continuously innovating its overall platform experience to bring greater efficiencies to how organizations collect, access, and take action on customer insights. The easier we can make it for organizations to capture these types of insights, the greater the customer intuition they can build–and it’s those companies that understand what is driving their customers’ behaviors that will be the market leaders.” 

The Daniel Group Introduces Customizable Dashboards and Analytics

The Daniel Group, a provider of B2B customer and employee feedback solutions, specializing in heavy equipment dealers and manufacturers, launched Customer Feedback Advanced Insights, Embedded, a solution that gives clients access to customizable dashboards and deep analytics directly from its cloud-based platform, ExperienceConnect. This allows for the management and analysis of all customer feedback data through one platform.

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