Building the world’s largest community of CX professionals

Currently in development, Dash Network is an independent, integrated B2B research, events, and digital media platform focused on best business practices and technology solutions for the global Customer Experience market.

Dash Research’s industry analysts provide in-depth research and insights on the worldwide CX market including a comprehensive assessment of technology solutions, business issues, market drivers, and end-user demand dynamics across industry sectors. Dash’s global market coverage combines qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to provide a complete view of emerging business opportunities surrounding customer data & analytics, personalization and optimization, customer feedback measurement, and other key topics.

Digital Media

Dash Network’s digital media platform provides daily news and analysis, combined with editorial insight and features, for the global CX ecosystem. Utilizing a stream of high-quality editorial content and proprietary research, Dash Network’s media platform provides an educational conduit and online community for customers to reach target audiences through a suite of curated digital media products and services, which include content creation, thought leadership, brand awareness, and lead generation.

Dash Network’s research-led events create an educational setting for global CX professionals to assemble in both virtual and in-person event environments, providing them the ability to crowdsource mission-critical business intelligence, establish and expand key relationships, and conduct meaningful business. With plans to host virtual online seminars, global conferences, and exclusive executive summits, Dash Network’s events will provide its online community multiple opportunities to engage directly with their peers and partners throughout the year.


Dash Network’s online training platform is a tool for CX professionals and decision makers to upskill their knowledge and grow their network by working with industry peers to solve challenging issues and formulate successful business strategies. Dash Network’s training programs will explore and dissect various CX technologies, methodologies, and best practices through an ongoing quarterly curriculum.